Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Last year I wrote these letters to the daughters of my dear friends who are waiting for the day that they hold their child. I have added to the letter this year because many of them are still waiting moms.....but not for much longer:)

Dear Mia,

Your mom will always be there for you, just like she is always there when a friend needs her. She will show you how to be a good friend. She will love you always. She has waited for you to come with a positive attitude and words of encouragement for other waiting moms. She has missed you and thinks of you every day. She has been sad but not for very long though, because she has never doubted for one second that she was meant to be your mom. Your Mom can't wait to hold you!

Your mommy is one funny girl and I should warn you .....your aren't going to get much past your mommy!

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Pug Pup,

So much going on with your family! You are going to have a big sister, two big brothers, 3 dogs, and horses! Your Mom is a professional mommy. There is nothing she takes more seriously than her life as a mom. She will hug you and kiss every day. Your mom and daddy will always love you and keep you safe; they have whispered this promise to you many times. Your sister and brothers will teach you so many new things. They have waited for you too and can’t wait for you to come home.

Your mom has fought long and hard to bring you home sweet baby girl. Remember that there is nothing that your mom can't do! I believe that you and your mommy are kindered spirits....You both are strong and determined.

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Claire,

What a strong and determined Mom you have! She is so smart and funny. She will show you that there is nothing that you can’t do once you put your mind to it! Waiting for you has been hard for your mom too, but she has never given up hope that you will be a family. She has prepared so many places in your new home for you. Wait until you see your playroom! Your Mom did that just for you! Your mom has helped so many waiting mommies with her funny stories. They all miss her when she takes breaks; she makes waiting a little easier for so many people. She has a generous heart. She will always love you and you will always be the most important person in her life.

Baby Claire your mom is coming very soon to bring you home! Soon all that you will know will be the love that your mommy has been keeping just for you. No longer will you have to wait for hugs and kisses....your mommy will always be there to keep you safe and to be sure that you know every minute of every day that you are precious.

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Polar Cub,

This letter is one of the hardest for me to write. I have seen the tears in your Mom’s eyes. She loves you so much and aches to hold you. She is going to be such a great mom. She is kind and will teach you so many things. She has waited such a long time to be your mommy! She will read you stories, she will act silly and make Christmas cookies with you every year. She will teach you to be strong and believe in yourself. She will love you always; I have seen it in her eyes.

Your mommy is such a good friend. She has never stop loving or dreaming about you. The moment you are placed in your loving mommy's arms we will all be crying tears of happiness!

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Beach Boatin' Baby,

Your family has waited so long for you! Waiting has not been easy for your mommy or your daddy, but they know that you are waiting for them too. They have prepared a beautiful room for you, that you won’t have to share with any of your brothers! Speaking of your brothers you will have three to teach you so many cool things. They will protect you and love you the only way big brothers can! Your mom will love you always, she has loved you for such a long time already and she hasn’t even held you yet. Her love for you is endless and she will always be there to hold you and keep you safe, but more importantly to remind you that you are loved.

Baby girl your mommy has never given up hope that you would come home to her and your family. She has continued to dream about the moment that you are finally placed in her arms. Guess what baby will be very soon!

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Gracie Mae,

What fun you are going to have with your Mommy and Daddy! Your home is filled with love, music and lots of laughter. Your mommy will teach to love unconditionally, because little Gracie that is how she loves you. She will show you that you can be strong and still cry. She will sing you songs, read you stories, play dress up and shower you with hugs and kisses. She will love and treasure you always.

Mommy and Daddy have a big surprise for you when you get home! You have a big sister named Georgia! Isn't that exciting!! Your big sister will teach lots of things! You will have so much fun together.

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Kris' Baby,

Be prepared to have your picture taken! Your Mom can’t help but capture beauty around her, and you Baby girl will add so much beauty to your Mommy’s life. She is waiting for you and praying for you every day. She will share her love of God and her faith with you each day. She will show you that love is boundless by how much she loves and cares for her patients, friends and pets. She will show the simple yet amazing things all around. She will love you forever, she has promised that in her heart.

Your mommy has waited patiently for your arrival. She has prepared a beautiful room for you! Your mom is amazing and not only does she capture the beauty of the world around her with her camera, she recognizes the beauty in everything and everyone. She has a kind and giving heart. I am lucky to call her my friend. She has so much to share with you.....

Love Mommy’s Friend,


And last but not least I wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope and pray that this is the year that your daughters come home to the love that waits for them in each of your hearts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a Circus!! (and report of a fake blogger!)

The day before vacation started Hannah's class had taken a field trip to the same museum...unfortunately Hannah got sick (throwing up I want my mommy sick) while on the field trip. The museum is about 2 hours away and by the time the teachers called Chris, they were close to getting on the bus to come home. Anyway, Hannah was bummed that she did not get a chance to walk the tight rope, so I packed up the crew and we headed to the museum for a day of fun.

Hannah showing me where she took a nap when she was sick on her field trip.

Here is Hannah walking the tight rope!

Photographic proof of Ben! He had lots of fun with Sophie today.


After we got home I checked my email to find 32 messages from my snarky, smart and pretty freakin funny group of friends! It seems one of the "Nancy Drews" in the group has come across a fake blogger. Seriously. Who has that kind of time to make up slightly interesting stuff to blog about??? This "blogger" it seems to have the exact same nursery that can be seen on the HGTV website, the exact yellow car that someone else blogged about, and apparently the puking pumpkins from Halloween were her son's doing! Stupid really, but the sad/weird part is that she has blogged about an adoption that she "needs prayers for" and posted the picture of the baby. The baby in the picture is a stock photo. She has what seems to be a nice group of ladies that follow her blog and are praying for the precious angel in the photo. I guess we all "invest" ourselves one way or another in the stories that we read on blogs, it is just terribly sad that this person has exploited the support given by her readers....

In these emails there were quite a few confessions of misrepresentations, I won't go into it here but lets just say the information shared was quite interesting:) So in the interest in keeping it real and honest it is time for me to be honest with the four of you who still read my blog.... The brunette that often is holding Sophie in pictures is not me....this is the real me.

I encourage ALL of you to please take a moment and come clean! Be honest! Be Real! Please don't be shy we want to see the real you!!!

PIPO's Baby Claire!!! Pure Cuteness!!!

Congrats again PIPO!

Monday, December 29, 2008

It's a Beautiful Thing....

My heart is full of happiness with this new mama's announcement!

I love to see dreams come true!


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Hannah!!

Our eldest daughter is twelve years old today....hard to believe. While
pregnant with Hannah I kept telling everyone that I was having a girl.
They would often assume that we had an ultrasound that revealed the sex
of our baby....but they were wrong. I hoped and prayed for a sweet baby girl. I
bought girl clothes and hid them in the closet. I just knew I was
having a baby girl. My second born child made her appearance exactly on
her due date of December 27th. Our lives have been made more beautiful
and exciting by her presence in our lives. We love you Hannah we are so
lucky to be your Mom and Dad!!

* this pic was taken at steak house in town that embarrases...I mean sings happy birthday to you on your special day:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

We Must Have Been on the "Good" list!

We had a great day. The kids had fun with their new toys...big kids included! Sophie still is too small to "get it", but I am sure next year will be even more fun!

We went to visit Santa on Christmas eve day. Santa was supposed to be there at 9:00, so we got up and dressed and headed to the mall. Santa over slept. He showed up about an hour later....oh well. Sophie wasn't lovin' Santa, she didn't cry...but she did try to escape!

Ben has been playing his gu+tar hero world tour game with Sophie. Apparently Sophie is his drummer.

Hannah got the Guita* Hero. Lots of fun! We have been rockin' all day!

Chris and I are heading here tomorrow for a little rest and relaxation. There wasn't anything that I really wanted except a quite evening with my husband and to sleep late! We are going here to have a nice quite dinnerhere. I can't wait!

I hope everyone had a great day!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Tonight as I was putting together the kids stockings I realized that that I only had 2 gift cards and polo deodorant for Ben's stocking! LOL! I was able to "fill" up his stocking with a few lacrosse items. Filling a boys stocking is way more challenging than filling a girls stocking for sure!

I hope that you all have a great day with family and friends. From my little blog to you and your family....... Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Done.....

Well it looks like I am closing the gap between what I have done and what needs to get done! Took the kids pic for the "New Year's " card. Those will go out next week:) Not as creative as last years, but it will do and all three kiddos look cute. I am pretty sure I am done shopping. Seriously, if I have not remembered to pick something up .....we must not need it!! My mom came in late last night and will be here for her Christmas break. It should be lots of fun. She was here this summer and at that time Ben was just about as tall as my mom ( all four foot ten of her!) and well now he is probably a good 6 inches taller! My mom and I will be busy making some apps today for a party we are going to tonight. Hannah has choir practice, we need to go see Santa, and I need to buy wrapping paper. Oh and I almost forgot! I need to come up with something for Christmas morning breakfast. One of the teacher assistants at school had no where to go for Christmas:( I invited her to come to our crazy house so when she leaves here, she will be ready for some peace and quiet! Well, now that I have just written all that out, it doesn't really seem like I am close to being finished! Enjoy some pics and video from the last few days.

Sophie putting daddy to bed:) At night I sit in a chair in Sophie's room until she falls asleep. She is so funny! She sits in a chair when she puts her babies to bed too!

Murphy giving y'all a quick wink!



**Photo's by Hannah**

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bring on Winter Break!

Winter break started at 3:00 Friday! Wahoooo! I will be back with pics and a post as soon as I catch up here a little:) I need to finish Christmas shopping. We still have not gone to see Santa, and I have yet to take a picture for our "New Year's" card.....well you get the idea:P

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Sophie slept in her big girl bed in her OWN room last night, and didn't wake up once! Me, well I slept like crap :) I was so worried that she would wake up and freak out or that I wouldn't hear her that I was up and down all night. To tell the truth I kind of missed that little stinker-bell sleeping next to me.......

Friday, December 12, 2008

Princess of Pink and Green

Not to be confused with the Queen of Pink and Green! We are still working on carpets and curtains but we should get that taken care of over Christmas break. I will post some more pics as we continue to decorate:)

Maybe tomorrow I will be able to post pics of Ben's room ( this would require him picking up his room) and Sophie's big girl bed that I am praying she will sleep in the rest of the weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Still Here....

I am still here. Hannah's room is coming along. I will post some pics tomorrow night. It has been another crazy week. My two big kids are grounded and therefor "unplugged" cell phones and for Ben an added bonus of no x*box. The fighting reached an insane level and Chris and I could not take another minute. My dads advice, "Make them miserable enough to unite against you." So far Ben has read three books and Hannah doesn't seem to be missing her phone much, but is a little ticked that she can't go to the school dodge ball tournament tomorrow after school. BUT they are not fighting:)

Work is crazy. My sweet little behavior and emotionally disabled child kicked me this week. Was there a full moon??? She also had another meltdown on Tuesday. Now the system has assigned her a personal assistant...which can be a good thing or just one more person I have to manage. Only time will tell.

Apparently I could have possibly given my family a touch of food poisoning Tuesday night. I made breakfast for dinner....eggs, hashbrowns etc. Our neighbor gave me double yolk eggs so I made omelets. Everyone who ate eggs was home sick on Wednesday including me! Hannah and Sophie didn't eat any eggs and their tummies were fine....I knew those double yolk eggs were freakish.

I promise pics of three kids this weekend. Pictures of all three kids in their "new" rooms. crap and I need to take a christmas card pic this weekend too. Don't be surprised to get a Happy January card instead of a christmas card this year:)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

3 Weeks to Winter Break....

I know it is just horrible that I need yet another school break......but I have been so busy this Thanksgiving break I had no rest at all!! Sorry no busy cooking, eating, cleaning up and painting this weekend!

* We had the entire crew here for Thanksgiving dinner. Everything came out yummy and we had very little leftover. I admit to being a total freak when hosting a gathering. Is perfection to high of a standard????

* I did NO shopping. I'll shop online from the comfort of my couch. If you plan on shopping online be sure to g00gle the name of the site you are shopping + coupon code and you should be able to come up with at the very least a free shipping coupon. ( I always wondered where to get the "codes" at the check out!!)

* Instead of shopping my Dad and I have been painting bedrooms. First we had to prime Ben's old room. The previous color was a dark green. The room will now be Hannah's room which is a lovely shade of light pink.....that paint job took us two days to finish. Today we painted all the trim in the guestroom (soon to be Ben's room) and painted the ceiling. I am taking Tuesday off from work to finish the guestroom and to hang out with my Dad.

* Hannah's christmas present will be here on Saturday. She asked for new bedroom furniture. We ordered her bedding etc. I will post pics when it is all finished. It is going to be really pretty.

Well I am off to catch up on the laundry I didn't do while I was painting.....

Have a great week!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Round the table: Peace and joy prevail. May all who share the season's delight enjoy countless more."-Chinese blessing

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have been trying.....really!

Seriously. I have been trying to write a post since Sunday to recap our weekend....but I fell asleep Sunday night at 9:00. I guess I was a little tired. Well then the week started and Ben apparently downloaded some beast of a virus onto the PC that I usually post from, that left me downloading pics on my mac. Now I love my mac but it just easier posting from the pc, faster and my most recent photos are on that computer. (well probably not anymore. I guess I should look into shutterfly etc. for hosting my pics). Here is our old news:)

On Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow. We have lived in NC for 11 years and this is the first time that I can recall snow before Thanksgiving. I took this picture outside my classroom door. Lest you think that I work in a little red schoolhouse, I should tell you that you can walk 3 yards into the woods and find yourself in someones backyard in a cookie cutter subdivision...sigh.

Friday night not only brought us below freezing temps it also was the start of Hannah's soccer tournament. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday on the freezing soccer fields. The games were exciting though! Her team won their first two games, but soon were matched up with some "all star" teams and never made it to the finals. The girls did have fun and they all played well.

Here are just some stinkin cute pictures of Sophie at the soccer game...just because she is just too stinkin cute!!

My dad is also in town for a Thanksgiving visit. It is always lots of fun when Papa is in town!!

Last weekend also proved to be my lucky weekend! Looks like I made a new friend and her name is Kate:) Thanks Rebecca!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My French Fry Girl

Sophie loves some french fries! Krista may even remember Sophie doing the french fry dance:) Sophie loves MickeyD's french fries. Everyday when I pick her up from daycare she asks me for french fries. I reserve our french fry run for Fridays....cuz really can you think of a better way for a two year old to kick off the weekend??? And because she is my kid she is a bit of a smartypants (shocker). When I ask her if she is hungry or if she wants a snack she always asks for french fries, and when I tell her "No... french fries are for Fridays":) she will ask "why??" and crack herself up! Seriously she will ask for french fries for breakfast and then crack up laughing!

A new MickeyD's opened in town this weekend so decided that although it was not Friday, we would head over and check things out and grab some fries. Sophie had a great time in the new play area and of course enjoyed every single one of her french fries!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Catching Up

I am sure that you have all been on the edge of your seats wondering if I survived work this week or did I cave to the huge amount of stress that I have been under since returning to school....not to worry my friends:) I hit my my stress threshold last week so there really no where for my stress level to go but down!

*Last Friday I had a massage scheduled for 5:45 or so I thought. When I finally made it to the spa in happy anticipation of my well deserved massage I was informed that my appointment was at 4:45 and that they were closing in 15 minutes. I reacted like any woman at her stress threshold.....I cried. Not big boohoo tears but OMG I am not going to cry but it is quite possible that I am not going to make it tears. I think I even told the woman that how bad my month had been! I could tell she felt bad and she tried to reschedule me for another day, but I NEEDED a massage I was in full panic "I need to get a massage mode" and quickly assessed my options. I headed to another spa and was whisked away to relaxation bliss. My shoulders were so tight that once the massage therapist started she told me that it was going to be sore. She was right about that. It was a very good massage but I was such a wreck I needed some motr*n when I got home. I finally felt better Saturday night. This was the first massage that I have had that I did not fall asleep.

* On Monday I left a meeting after school early and headed to get some acupuncture to help me manage my stress a little better. It didn't hurt and I guess it seems to be working, or I just had a low key week. I have two little seeds under bandaids on my ears that I put pressure on when I feel my stress level increasing. Hannah says that the tiny bandaids on my ears look weird. I told her coming to visit her mother on the funny farm would be weird! Besides my hair covers them up!

* Only working four days a week is also good for decreasing my stress level:)

* I am not stressed at all about Christmas. Seriously there is nothing left to buy my (spoiled) children! Opening presents this year should be quick:)

* My Dad is coming for Thanksgiving and to help me paint the kids bedrooms.

* I am hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year. I could use some recipes if you care to leave your family fave.

* My Mom is coming down for Christmas. She will be here for her entire break. Chris and I are going to try to plan a little get away.

* Speaking of Chris:) We celebrated our 15th year of wedded bliss. We need to find some time and energy to celebrate.

* I am one lucky girl. I have job security ( really who the heck wants my job...LOL!) I have three great kids and a wonderful husband who loves me and puts up with my crap!

Hmmmm I think the acupuncture is working.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Cure for What Ails You......

Sophie "picked" this movie and she has been cracking up ever since! It seems that our girl has one kooky sense of humor! Enjoy the giggles

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Week!

Holy crap....the week isn't even over. I have to make through the day
tomorrow. So far this week I have met with our EC director to discuss
current procedural concerns our team is having, mix in a few report
card conferences, and one darling looking second grader with a
significant behavior disorder and you have one teacher asking herself
how long before freakin' summer vacation!!! My darling little student with the
behavior disorder had to be physically restrained twice
today.....*sigh*. I hate having to do that, it is not my thing, but she
was kicking over desks and screaming ( now you know why I make the big
bucks:) I can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day. If not, I
have a massage scheduled after school and an appointment with the
acupuncturist on Monday (my student teacher recommended it to help with
stress).....and I am thinking some adult beverages will also be in

Monday, November 3, 2008

Why I Can't Get a Good Night Sleep....

This was Sophie this morning from around 4:30 to 6:00. I had to wake her up to get her going to get ready for daycare.

Sophie has been sleeping in our room since we got home from China last year. She transitioned from her crib to a toddler bed...still in our room, right next to our side of the bed. This has been a good thing for Sophie and for us, but it is time for our girl to be in her own space, in her own room. (For the record Ben and Hannah slept in our room on and off until they were three years old. Bad I know) Sophie typically sleeps all night, but like any little kid she wakes up during the night, she is just not fully awake. Which of course wakes me up. Kids in my room was not such a bad thing when I was a SAHM, but as a working mom the lack of a good nights rest is kicking my butt!

I am hoping to move her into her own room during Christmas break so if it doesn't go well I can at least take a nap during the day:) Any suggestions are welcome to help her with the transition in to her big girl bed in her own room.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

This and That

Hmmmm look who was playing with Mommy's camera....

I voted early and only had to wait 30 minutes. Next election I am just going to request and absentee ballot. I like the idea of voting from the comfort of my couch:) I spoke to a lady at the grocery store who waited four hours!

Sophie was a cute little frog for Halloween. Her tutu has little lily pads on it...too cute! We went to our neighbors and to Sophie's Godparents for free candy. The big kids are quite the social butterflies. Hannah had a cute costume but was out the door before I could even get a picture. She had a costume party to go to with the "girls". Ben and his friend David "walked around", no trick or treating for those two cool eight graders.

I think there should be rules for trick or treating. Seriously. Sophie's Godparents live in a "popular" trick or treating neighborhood. They typically give out 1000 pieces of candy!!! We sat out on the porch with them and I can't even tell you how many people came to get candy with INFANTS in their arms! Granted the baby was dressed up, but c'mon, you take the baby to see grandma not trick or treating!

Hannah asked for a bedroom set for Christmas and for her birthday...a practical but costly request. I have been checking out Craigslist. Can I tell you how much I love some craigslist! I found a set that Hannah and I both like and the cost is reasonable ( I emailed my aunt the details, she works in the furniture business). Today I got rid of an old dresser and I plan on cleaning out the guest room furniture soon! I found Sophie a big girl bed with a trundle....nice piece of furniture for a fraction of what I would have to pay for new...and well it is "new to me"! It looks like some musical bedrooms here along with having to paint Ben and Hannah's new rooms. *sigh* I hate painting!

I know that I had more to share with you guys....but I can't for the life of me remember. The extra hour really didn't help me out much. Well I was able to get more laundry done with that extra hour...*snort*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Fall!

Sophie needed a haircut....baaad She has been working her mullet pretty hard this last month, so it was time. Here she is in her mullet cuteness before her haircut....

and after in her sassy bob cuteness.

On Sunday we headed out to a corn maze and little pumpkin farm. We dragged the big kids with us:) and a good time was had by all....but I think Sophie had the most fun! She loved the little cow train. The train was made up of little cars that were oil drums in a previous life:) Too cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Help Bring Sophie's "China Brother" Home!

No, no, no. we are not adopting again.....although I would in a hot minute!

I have a few pictures of Sophie sitting next the the handsome Owen before we went to China to bring her home. Owen is very close to coming home to his amazing family. Rebecca and her family are anticipating receiving their LOA very soon.

Owen's fabulous Mom Rebecca is having an crazy give away to raise the money they need to bring their little boy home. Check it out! I am serious she is giving away some seriously fabulous stuff. Please go take a look and make a donation. Each entry is $10. Gaaaaw I just spent that on chic-filet cuz I didn't feeling like cooking!

Help Bring Owen Home!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Knew??

Did you ever think that by starting a blog that you would:

* Share a similar journey with so many people?

* Make friends?

* Help another family make their adoption dream come true?

* Share the most mundane parts of your life and get comments?

* Use Bloglines to manage all the blogs that you follow?

* Meet your "cyber" friends for dinner in "real life"?

* Shed tears? Both happy and sad ones.

* Have people miss you when you take a blogger break?

* Never be able to survive the wait without your blog?

* Have posts running around in your head?

* Be referred to as "one of mommy's blogger friends"

* Help your daughter connect with other little girls just like her!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Don't Call it "A Beautiful Mess" for Nothing!

* This is how I found Sophie two minutes after getting her dressed for bed tonight. She was not "interested" in taking a nap today and crashed out around 7:30.

* It has been a busy week at home and at work.

* We decided no puppies for Piper. She was spayed this week and is struggling a bit, but I am sure she will be right back to her "hyper Piper" self in no time!

* Hannah's soccer team continues their winning streak. Her coach drives me nuts. Rec soccer has two seasons, fall and we really need to get trophies each season?????? When a team wins the division park and rec awards medals to the winning team. Dust collectors, I mean trophies have cost anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks each season! For the record Hannah could care less, I don't really want her to be the only player at the team party who does not get a trophy. One season her coach bought her trophy, even after I explained that (a) the girls did not win their division and (b) they were certainly old enough to know the difference between winning a trophy and being given a trophy....he annoys the crap out of me! Whew this was one long bullet:)

* Sophie is currently in third place in the sleeping angel contest. I am a little competitive (snort) but the family that is currently in first place is truly the most deserving.

* Ben was one of 10 eighth graders chosen to guide local and state politicians around their school last week. Sarah Palin was in town and there was a good chance that she would also be visiting. I'm kinda glad she didn't make it.....God only knows what would have happened if Ben asked her about banning books from public libraries.

* I had a kindergarten student with autism tell me this week that he "wished I was naked"....yeah my job is never boring:)

* Chris is very busy at work...which is fantastic given the state of the economy. We have missed him having dinner with us every night, but things should start to even out a little in the next few weeks.

* I had a bug fly into my eye while I was playing with Sophie outside. It hurt like a *&(%%^....which should have been my first clue. The next morning my eye was red and a little swollen. I went to work only to have my eye get worse and then my students began telling me that they couldn't look at me "cuz my eye was freaking them out!" So off to the doc I went for antibiotic eye drops and steroids. I was going to have a technology teacher at school take my picture so I could post it here...but she already thinks I am a need to confirm her suspicions:)

* I loooove that a friend has found an old love that is her new love who has probably always been her true love:)

* OMG she is going to see her baby's face in like six weeks!!

* To add to the OMG baby list this one and this one will see their little munchkins soon after or even at the same time! Gaaaw I can't even take it!! Exciting times ahead!

* And last but not certainly least......I think that the adoption community is amazing,and extremely generous. I know that we can all help this family bring their daughter Rachel home.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


vote here. Sophie is currently in third place....waaay back. She needs you to vote, your mother to vote and quite frankly if you could run next store and ask you neighbor to cast a vote Sophie would really appreciate it! The contest ends October 29th. If you can post on your blog that would be really good too!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Please Vote for Sophie's Pic!!!

Hmmmm it seems my "G" rated pic of Sophie asleep during/after her lunch is in the running to win a bedroom set here at Five Minutes for Moms. You will need to scroll down and vote for number 19! Hey what are you still doing on the link and go vote for Miss Sophie ( she needs to move out of our room!) Oooooh if you happen to have another spare second it would be nice if you could post this on your blog so even
MORE people will go vote for Sophie!!