Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a Week!

Holy crap....the week isn't even over. I have to make through the day
tomorrow. So far this week I have met with our EC director to discuss
current procedural concerns our team is having, mix in a few report
card conferences, and one darling looking second grader with a
significant behavior disorder and you have one teacher asking herself
how long before freakin' summer vacation!!! My darling little student with the
behavior disorder had to be physically restrained twice
today.....*sigh*. I hate having to do that, it is not my thing, but she
was kicking over desks and screaming ( now you know why I make the big
bucks:) I can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day. If not, I
have a massage scheduled after school and an appointment with the
acupuncturist on Monday (my student teacher recommended it to help with
stress).....and I am thinking some adult beverages will also be in


Colleen said...

oh my kicking over the desk ; 0 I hope you have a better day tomorrow.

Allie and Jenn said...

Why have they all been crazy this week? A SIXTH grader pooped in the social studies classroom! Seriously?!?! They don't know who it was, however I got a big kick out of there being a "Phantom Pooper" at the school. So jealous about your you this weekend.

kris said...

your therapy sounds SO good- massage, accupuncture and ADULT beverages...sorry it's been such a tough week!

Special K said...

Man... wish I had time for a quick weekend trip down there. I'd take you out for mucho margaritas. Sounds like you deserve them.

Kayce said...

ummmmm a massage, NICE!! By the time you read this your day and week will be done! Enjoy a relaxing weekend if you can.

3D said...

You definitely deserve some "Me" time!

Keep smilin!

Susan said...

yes, maryellen, take all those big bucks and get yoself some accupunture! it cured what was ailin me!
Working at school is ...just so...demanding--that is the word--of all the energy of a person.
hang in there...and i think i would just look forward to t-giving for right now. ;).

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

Oh my heavens. Girl, drink a glass of wine tonight... and then refill it and drink another!!

Kateri said...

We're not allowed to physically restrain the kids anymore. We have to use this Crisis Intervention Program...which means the desks and chairs and any thing else they can get their hands on go flying. I wish I could tell you how many staff members have been injured this year alone...the latest was a broken jaw. Our SED kids are out of control:(

PIPO said...

Okay, I admit that I missed a line at first and I thought it was a TEACHER who had to be restrained. I caught myself. Then again, many more weeks like you've had and it will be the teacher needing the restraints!

Yep, you have earned yourself a serious relaxation break.