Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Fall!

Sophie needed a haircut....baaad She has been working her mullet pretty hard this last month, so it was time. Here she is in her mullet cuteness before her haircut....

and after in her sassy bob cuteness.

On Sunday we headed out to a corn maze and little pumpkin farm. We dragged the big kids with us:) and a good time was had by all....but I think Sophie had the most fun! She loved the little cow train. The train was made up of little cars that were oil drums in a previous life:) Too cute!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Help Bring Sophie's "China Brother" Home!

No, no, no. we are not adopting again.....although I would in a hot minute!

I have a few pictures of Sophie sitting next the the handsome Owen before we went to China to bring her home. Owen is very close to coming home to his amazing family. Rebecca and her family are anticipating receiving their LOA very soon.

Owen's fabulous Mom Rebecca is having an crazy give away to raise the money they need to bring their little boy home. Check it out! I am serious she is giving away some seriously fabulous stuff. Please go take a look and make a donation. Each entry is $10. Gaaaaw I just spent that on chic-filet cuz I didn't feeling like cooking!

Help Bring Owen Home!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Who Knew??

Did you ever think that by starting a blog that you would:

* Share a similar journey with so many people?

* Make friends?

* Help another family make their adoption dream come true?

* Share the most mundane parts of your life and get comments?

* Use Bloglines to manage all the blogs that you follow?

* Meet your "cyber" friends for dinner in "real life"?

* Shed tears? Both happy and sad ones.

* Have people miss you when you take a blogger break?

* Never be able to survive the wait without your blog?

* Have posts running around in your head?

* Be referred to as "one of mommy's blogger friends"

* Help your daughter connect with other little girls just like her!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Don't Call it "A Beautiful Mess" for Nothing!

* This is how I found Sophie two minutes after getting her dressed for bed tonight. She was not "interested" in taking a nap today and crashed out around 7:30.

* It has been a busy week at home and at work.

* We decided no puppies for Piper. She was spayed this week and is struggling a bit, but I am sure she will be right back to her "hyper Piper" self in no time!

* Hannah's soccer team continues their winning streak. Her coach drives me nuts. Rec soccer has two seasons, fall and spring.....do we really need to get trophies each season?????? When a team wins the division park and rec awards medals to the winning team. Dust collectors, I mean trophies have cost anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks each season! For the record Hannah could care less, I don't really want her to be the only player at the team party who does not get a trophy. One season her coach bought her trophy, even after I explained that (a) the girls did not win their division and (b) they were certainly old enough to know the difference between winning a trophy and being given a trophy....he annoys the crap out of me! Whew this was one long bullet:)

* Sophie is currently in third place in the sleeping angel contest. I am a little competitive (snort) but the family that is currently in first place is truly the most deserving.

* Ben was one of 10 eighth graders chosen to guide local and state politicians around their school last week. Sarah Palin was in town and there was a good chance that she would also be visiting. I'm kinda glad she didn't make it.....God only knows what would have happened if Ben asked her about banning books from public libraries.

* I had a kindergarten student with autism tell me this week that he "wished I was naked"....yeah my job is never boring:)

* Chris is very busy at work...which is fantastic given the state of the economy. We have missed him having dinner with us every night, but things should start to even out a little in the next few weeks.

* I had a bug fly into my eye while I was playing with Sophie outside. It hurt like a *&(%%^....which should have been my first clue. The next morning my eye was red and a little swollen. I went to work only to have my eye get worse and then my students began telling me that they couldn't look at me "cuz my eye was freaking them out!" So off to the doc I went for antibiotic eye drops and steroids. I was going to have a technology teacher at school take my picture so I could post it here...but she already thinks I am a nut...no need to confirm her suspicions:)

* I loooove that a friend has found an old love that is her new love who has probably always been her true love:)

* OMG she is going to see her baby's face in like six weeks!!

* To add to the OMG baby list this one and this one will see their little munchkins soon after or even at the same time! Gaaaw I can't even take it!! Exciting times ahead!

* And last but not certainly least......I think that the adoption community is amazing,and extremely generous. I know that we can all help this family bring their daughter Rachel home.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


vote here. Sophie is currently in third place....waaay back. She needs you to vote, your mother to vote and quite frankly if you could run next store and ask you neighbor to cast a vote Sophie would really appreciate it! The contest ends October 29th. If you can post on your blog that would be really good too!


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Please Vote for Sophie's Pic!!!

Hmmmm it seems my "G" rated pic of Sophie asleep during/after her lunch is in the running to win a bedroom set here at Five Minutes for Moms. You will need to scroll down and vote for number 19! Hey what are you still doing here.....click on the link and go vote for Miss Sophie ( she needs to move out of our room!) Oooooh if you happen to have another spare second it would be nice if you could post this on your blog so even
MORE people will go vote for Sophie!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Freakin' Funny

* To my Canadian friends, for the record I love Canada....but it is just really cold there:)

* To my friends who are McCain/Palin supporters, do you still like me?

* To my friends who are McCain/Palin supporters I am glad we have more in common than politics....I still like you:)

* I have a bunch of "posts" running around in my head I just can't seem to find the time to write.

Friday, October 10, 2008

No Matter How Much You Weigh...... Shoes and Handbags Always Fit!

C'mon you know it's true. It doesn't matter what size you are now....you probably wear the same size shoe that you did in high school! Yes, I know it is possible for your feet to get bigger once you have a few kiddos, but I if your shoe size has changed,it probably has not changed more than one size....gaaaw I wish I could say that about the size of my jeans! And lets not even begin to talk handbags. I confess to a zillion. Oh sure I have some designer bags mixed in, but any cute handbag purchase can turn a frown upside down in my world! Here is a chance for you to win a handbag. Go here to enter to win. No shipping or thousands of questions to answer. Good luck!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Occasionally a vote is not for a particular candidate.....but AGAINST the other candidate. If I hear one more person say "I like Palin....I could sit and have a cup of coffee with her...." For the love of god she is not like "us"!! Remember when people said they wanted to have a beer with our current president.....I guess being drunk since he has been in office might have worked for many of us:)

Go register if you haven't already. Maybe your first choice didn't get the nomination but your vote is still worth something!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Sleeping Angel:)

This is the rated "G" version of this picture that some of you may remember from last year. I happened to come across a bedroom set give away here. It is a simple enough contest to enter...you just need to go to 5 minutes for mom and read the rules, leave your link and post a pic and link on your blog. I am sure that Sophie would be quite pleased with The Lily Rose set.