Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Occasionally a vote is not for a particular candidate.....but AGAINST the other candidate. If I hear one more person say "I like Palin....I could sit and have a cup of coffee with her...." For the love of god she is not like "us"!! Remember when people said they wanted to have a beer with our current president.....I guess being drunk since he has been in office might have worked for many of us:)

Go register if you haven't already. Maybe your first choice didn't get the nomination but your vote is still worth something!


kris said...

"rampant like herpes... only for the positive" god i could like marry her...

thanks for posting this. perfect.

Julia said...

Yep - this video got to me too, I put it up a few days ago. Forget Palin though - if McCain called me "my friend" one more time last night, I was going to call him up and ask for a loan, we're obviously much closer than I thought.

Susan said...

On PBS news tonight a pollster was discussing the issue of race, and that many folks he talked to openly said that O is smarter/better for the job, but they will not vote for him b/c he is black!!!
My fingers are certainly crossed.

sea star said...

I have politiculitis...just can't wait till after Nov 4. I hope Palin wins, it gives SNL some great material for 4 years. =0)