Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Really Should...

Wow it has been awhile. So in the interest of a quick updates it's Saturday Night Bullets

  • I had a great time freezing my tush off in South Florida at her house!
  • You can also view the now infamous video viewed 200+ times with only 19 comments 2 of which were mine:)
  • I brought my camera really I did. I was just too busy chatting, laughing and eating to take any pics. You can see a great update on my bunk mates blog.
  • When I got home from my girls get-away there was a 14 year old in my house! Yep, My Ben is 14 years old. I need to take a picture of him to post. I can't believe I have a 14 year old...
  • I also got to see my Dad while I was down in Florida. It was nice to hang out with my Dad and see his new digs! It was freezing at his house too.
  • I put in my transfer for next year. We will see what happens....I really would like to be closer to home and working at a school that Sophie will attend.
  • It is going to snow tonight. Seriously it should be spring by now in NC!!!

Well that's all I have. I need to take some pictures and get them posted. It goes without saying that the CC*A needs to refer more that two LID days at a time...nuff said.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Have ya missed me??? Where have I been you ask?? Well I have been busy confirming my "new" but "old" friends on FB. Alas I think I made need to step away from the very popular Faceb**k.

Here are some signs that it might be time to step away from your FB page.....

  1. You get an friend request from you mother. (yes, my mother wants to be my "friend")
  2. You overhear a retired teacher giggling about her high school boyfriend finding her on FB. (yes, seriously heard it today in the workroom)
  3. You think that it is freakish that people from high school are "thinking" about you and find you on FB.
  4. You find out that you are the same dork you were in high school after your sister, Miss FB tells you "you are still a loser.....people are just looking at a list of people who have a FB pages that graduated from your high school...DORK!"
  5. Your husband's female "friends" from college are writing on your FB wall looking for him.
  6. Your husbands ex-girl friend does not have a FB page. You know this cuz you looked once you figure out the high school thing Miss FB shared with you the other night.
  7. Your son tries to tell you that FB is for woman over 40.
  8. You have found people on FB that you really really hope don't find you.
  9. You feel bad that you don't have 4 pages of "friends".
  10. Any time you mention FB to your spouse his response is " FB is for girls".

Sunday, February 8, 2009

When a Kiss is More Than a Kiss

We are a smoochin' family. Even big bad Ben still gives me a kiss goodnight. Sophie will happily give you her cheek for you to kiss, but all in all she is pretty stingy when it comes to giving out kisses. Sure sometimes when I would ask for a kiss and she responded with a "no kisses mama" it made me a little sad, but I knew that was just Sophie doing things at her own pace. Sophie is a big hugger ( that was even included in her referral info). Her hugs can squeeze a bad day away in a NY minute! About a month ago Sophie started to give kisses more frequently. It started with her giving Chris and I a kiss in the morning when the 3 of us were snuggled in bed. Lately she has been giving me 3 kisses at a time. One on each cheek then a big smooch on the lips! I still can't ask for kiss and get one, but that is ok.....I'll take a unsolicited kiss any day of the week!

I know my favorite response to attachment is that it is a "process". Something as simple as a toddler giving her mama lots of kisses 17 months after coming home from China...well it just continues to prove that it is a process. My sweet little girl knows her family. We don't struggle with attachment issues. As family we give Soph the space and time that she needs to continue to grow her love for each of us......because she knows that each one of us loves her to the moon and back!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Stupid is as Stupid Does....

Apparently just because you date an older guy it doesn't make you smarter or more mature. And being older than your girlfriend doesn't mean that you may actually model more mature behavior. Miley makes a lame attempt at an apology ( I guess she needed me to show her how to apologize )
Me: "Miley please say you are sorry."
Miley: "Sorry"
Me: " Miley now tell everyone WHY you are sorry..."
Miley: "I am sorry for being stupid, insensitive and immature and for engaging in a behavior that is offensive and degrading."

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Hannah "showing" Sophie how to smile for the camera:)

Not much excitement about this super bowl.....oh well we all know it is about the commercials and the snacks anyway:) We are heading over to my MIL's for dinner and the kick-off. I suspect we will be home by half time. Other than going to grandma's for dinner it has been the "usual" around here, housework, laundry, YMCA basketball etc. Hannah and I made these low fat brownies :) and her fabulous black bean and corn salsa to bring with us to grandma's house. Yummy!

On a totally different note..........Sophie transitioned to her big girl bed in our room with very little problem. For the last 3 weeks she has been waking up in the middle of the night crying and is getting out of bed (at times frantic). I have tried sleeping in her room on the trundle and when she wakes up she doesn't realize I am there and has landed on me as she is jumping out of her bed! I swear she is like a fireman, I have never seen a kid move so fast. Even when I am in the bed with her if she wakes up she is high tailing it out of her bed. So in the interest of sleep I have pulled out my $100 float/toddler aerobed that I purchased when we stayed at Krista's. Before I get in to bed I blow the bed up and say a little prayer that Sophie sleeps in her room all night. So far no luck. When she wakes up in her panicked state and runs in to our room I just settle her in her little bed on the floor and she sleeps the rest of the night. We have ruled out any illness that could be contributing to the waking in the middle of the night. I think she is just experiencing some separation anxiety, similar to what a typically developing 18 month old may experience. Sophie has been home with us about 17 months. What do you guys think???