Thursday, June 25, 2009

End of School year 2009- JUNE 10th

Ok my June is going to be all out of order...oh well.

Here are Ben, Hannah and Sophie on the first day of school.
Here they are on the last day of school.
Grow much this year??? WTH!!

School year highlights:

* Great 3 years in middle school. I am now a mother to a freshman in high school!
* Made A/B honor roll for the entire year.
* Passed the Algebra end of course test. ( typically given to freshman not 8th graders!)
* Received the Social Studies Award for his 8th grade team. ( must be cuz he such a world traveler:)
* Made the all-star Lax team and participated in the NC State Games.
* Great Kid!

* Great transition to middles school! Made lots of new friends.
* Made the A honor roll for the entire school year!
* 6th grade ambassador and member of school leadership team.
* Received the Math Award for her 6th grade team ( seriously they do not get the math gene from me!)
*Made the travel soccer team.
* Great kid!

* Slept in her own room for a total of 2 weeks:)
* Can do a somersault.
* Adding lots of new words everyday.
* Saying longer sentences.
* Loves to paint and draw.
* President of the Dora fan club
* Great Kid!

Ben, Hannah and Sophie we are so proud of each of you!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do Over

I will be posting soon with all that has happened in June. There is lots I need to post! So I will be "doing over" June some time this week!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Cincy so far...

So far things have been just a "wee" bit challenging, but Sophie is one tough cookie! Our decision to stay at the RMH has worked out great! We are right across the street from the hospital and can shoot right over in the morning for Soph's xray...which she has daily! A med that we tried caused the worst blisters on her bottom that I have ever seen. I felt so awful. One of the moms here at RMH told me to put some milk of magnesia on it and then wrote down a name of some cream to put on it. It really worked! Sophie is doing much better this morning!

Yesterday we went to the Cincy Zoo. Sophie was able to feed a giraffe a cracker! Kind of cool. We might head back there today depending on the weather. We have gone to the kids museum a couple to times too. I have started carrying Sophie is a "hot sling" and she is loving it! It is especially helpful when we go to the hospital and she is feeling nervous. She sits right on my hip and snuggles right in:) I don't thing that the sling is the way to go if you will be carrying a 30 lb toddler for an extended amount of time, for that I would definitely recommend the ergo. The good thing about the sling is that it is easy to use and not bulky.

I am going to try to upload some pics today. I keep getting kicked off the Internet before my pics have a chance to load.

Talk to you soon!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Made It!

I am happy to report that Krista survived countless hours in the car with me and Soph! She resisted the urge to sing along to the "wheels on the bus...." and after having us at her house for the weekend she is still convinced she wants to join the mommy club:)

On Saturday night we made our way to visit Robin and Maddy for fun and some yummy food and beverages! This was just what Sophie and I needed after our long drive and hospital days on Thursday and Friday. Thank you Robin for including us in your family celebration!

Sophie an I had big plans to make the rounds at our Ohio friends homes....but moving and shaking with a three year old that is here in cincy for medical reasons has proven to be overwhelming for the both of us! So we put our name on the list at the RMH and were able to get a room today. It is right across the street from the hospital which will work our great since we have appointments all this week before 9:00. We are still planning on visiting C & C and hanging out our her new deck. I am truly so thankful for the friends I have met on this journey.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Keep on Swimming, Keep On Swimming

Remember in Finding N*mo Dory kept saying keep on swimming when N*mo's dad wanted to give up?? Well I don't feel the need to give up, but I am a tad overwhelmed at the moment. Tomorrow is my last day of school. I have not signed my contract yet because I am waiting to see if I am able to transfer to a school closer to our house. Having said that our school system is making staff cuts like CRAZY! Scary crazy. NC is going to have use stimulus money to build jails at this rate. Anyway that is weighing on me. I currently have a job at a great school, but I want to be closer to home. I will have to wait and see.

We leave Wednesday to go to CCH for Sophie to see her doctor. It has been almost 2 years since her surgery and we need to work out some problems she is having. Nothing life threatening, but something that can only be best handled in Cincy. I am lucky to have so many great friends that live in Ohio. (I would link to them but to be honest I am freakin' tired and am posting between loads of laundry) These gracious ladies have agreed to put Sophie and I up while we are in Ohio.....although one just came down with the crud, and we might need to do some juggling. No worries everything always works out....Right???

I also think I/we need to do some back pedaling with Sophie's attachment. There is just something not right. I can't put my finger on it, I just feel it. Soon we will beginning the attachment activities and structure outlined in "Taming the Tiger While it is Still a Kitten" by Nancy Thomas. I only wished I had listened to this CD BEFORE going to China. If you have not listened to this go google it and buy it! Your kid is worth it.

I will be on the road with Sophie and Krista Wednesday. ( Crazy K is flying in tomorrow to have dinner with me and Hannah and then she is driving back to Cincy with me and Soph. She is under the impression that this is going to be fun. I am not sure who told her that, but I am optimistic that Sophie will prove to be a good traveler like her brother and sister.)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Gaaaw She is Cute

Emerson Grace, future sorority president in charge of entertainment and all festivities! Emerson Grace is on her way home to her brothers! She is rockin' some down home fashions and just like her mama is going to have fun time no matter where she is or what she is wearing!