Sunday, June 14, 2009

We Made It!

I am happy to report that Krista survived countless hours in the car with me and Soph! She resisted the urge to sing along to the "wheels on the bus...." and after having us at her house for the weekend she is still convinced she wants to join the mommy club:)

On Saturday night we made our way to visit Robin and Maddy for fun and some yummy food and beverages! This was just what Sophie and I needed after our long drive and hospital days on Thursday and Friday. Thank you Robin for including us in your family celebration!

Sophie an I had big plans to make the rounds at our Ohio friends homes....but moving and shaking with a three year old that is here in cincy for medical reasons has proven to be overwhelming for the both of us! So we put our name on the list at the RMH and were able to get a room today. It is right across the street from the hospital which will work our great since we have appointments all this week before 9:00. We are still planning on visiting C & C and hanging out our her new deck. I am truly so thankful for the friends I have met on this journey.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Glad you are having a nice trip .. even though you have the icky Dr. appts..
Sounds like you have more fun in store..
Have a great week..

Sandra said...

My deck is ready and waiting ;-)

Oh, I am making nasi for our dinner on Wednesday!

HuluMama said...

Glad you made it and are having a good time. Hope all the medical stuff is going well.

Kris said...

So glad it's going well so far, and awesome you'll get to meet up with C & C!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Mare, you and Sophie are welcome here anytime. You are 'family' too.. :0) I too am so very grateful for the friends I've made along the way in this adoption journey. :0)
I'll be praying everyday that Sophie's testing goes well, and you'll head home end of this week feeling like it was a worthwhile trip! Please send my best to Sandra and the girls and PiPo and PiPa!!

Christina said...

I'm glad you guys made it safely! I hope you can enjoy your time in Cincy a bit. There are some excellent restaurants in Clifton and nearby areas. If you need any suggestions, feel free to email me at cec ondon at gmail dot com. No spaces in the first part - just to prevent being goog*led.
PS I think it's supposed to be 90˚ on Friday!