Sunday, October 19, 2008

I Don't Call it "A Beautiful Mess" for Nothing!

* This is how I found Sophie two minutes after getting her dressed for bed tonight. She was not "interested" in taking a nap today and crashed out around 7:30.

* It has been a busy week at home and at work.

* We decided no puppies for Piper. She was spayed this week and is struggling a bit, but I am sure she will be right back to her "hyper Piper" self in no time!

* Hannah's soccer team continues their winning streak. Her coach drives me nuts. Rec soccer has two seasons, fall and we really need to get trophies each season?????? When a team wins the division park and rec awards medals to the winning team. Dust collectors, I mean trophies have cost anywhere from twenty to thirty bucks each season! For the record Hannah could care less, I don't really want her to be the only player at the team party who does not get a trophy. One season her coach bought her trophy, even after I explained that (a) the girls did not win their division and (b) they were certainly old enough to know the difference between winning a trophy and being given a trophy....he annoys the crap out of me! Whew this was one long bullet:)

* Sophie is currently in third place in the sleeping angel contest. I am a little competitive (snort) but the family that is currently in first place is truly the most deserving.

* Ben was one of 10 eighth graders chosen to guide local and state politicians around their school last week. Sarah Palin was in town and there was a good chance that she would also be visiting. I'm kinda glad she didn't make it.....God only knows what would have happened if Ben asked her about banning books from public libraries.

* I had a kindergarten student with autism tell me this week that he "wished I was naked"....yeah my job is never boring:)

* Chris is very busy at work...which is fantastic given the state of the economy. We have missed him having dinner with us every night, but things should start to even out a little in the next few weeks.

* I had a bug fly into my eye while I was playing with Sophie outside. It hurt like a *&(%%^....which should have been my first clue. The next morning my eye was red and a little swollen. I went to work only to have my eye get worse and then my students began telling me that they couldn't look at me "cuz my eye was freaking them out!" So off to the doc I went for antibiotic eye drops and steroids. I was going to have a technology teacher at school take my picture so I could post it here...but she already thinks I am a need to confirm her suspicions:)

* I loooove that a friend has found an old love that is her new love who has probably always been her true love:)

* OMG she is going to see her baby's face in like six weeks!!

* To add to the OMG baby list this one and this one will see their little munchkins soon after or even at the same time! Gaaaw I can't even take it!! Exciting times ahead!

* And last but not certainly least......I think that the adoption community is amazing,and extremely generous. I know that we can all help this family bring their daughter Rachel home.


kris said...

OMG you SO have a way with words!! I am like quoting that- gonna have to send G-man here :) thank you. It was great talking to you last night, sorry we had to cut it short :)

Pug Mama said...

I voted for our Sophie.
My heart swells for Kris.
Now this is 100% true ---
when I saw in print on your blog -"this one will see her munchkin soon" and it was MY NAME I started crying - I can't believe MY time is finally coming!!!!!!

Susan said...


i love the story about your friend finding the man from long ago!
how romantic!


PIPO said...

Mercy - I LOVE that picture in this post. That is so adorable.

Thanks for the shout out. I still can hardly believe it. I am so freaked, excited and overwhelmed that my own version of morning sickness has taken over!

I take solace in the fact that my daughter-to-be has such a special dress waiting for her :0)

Wendy said...

That photo is just gorgeous!

I just voted for the photo contest. Keep us posted!