Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I have been trying.....really!

Seriously. I have been trying to write a post since Sunday to recap our weekend....but I fell asleep Sunday night at 9:00. I guess I was a little tired. Well then the week started and Ben apparently downloaded some beast of a virus onto the PC that I usually post from, that left me downloading pics on my mac. Now I love my mac but it just easier posting from the pc, faster and my most recent photos are on that computer. (well probably not anymore. I guess I should look into shutterfly etc. for hosting my pics). Here is our old news:)

On Friday morning we woke up to a beautiful dusting of snow. We have lived in NC for 11 years and this is the first time that I can recall snow before Thanksgiving. I took this picture outside my classroom door. Lest you think that I work in a little red schoolhouse, I should tell you that you can walk 3 yards into the woods and find yourself in someones backyard in a cookie cutter subdivision...sigh.

Friday night not only brought us below freezing temps it also was the start of Hannah's soccer tournament. We spent Friday night and most of Saturday on the freezing soccer fields. The games were exciting though! Her team won their first two games, but soon were matched up with some "all star" teams and never made it to the finals. The girls did have fun and they all played well.

Here are just some stinkin cute pictures of Sophie at the soccer game...just because she is just too stinkin cute!!

My dad is also in town for a Thanksgiving visit. It is always lots of fun when Papa is in town!!

Last weekend also proved to be my lucky weekend! Looks like I made a new friend and her name is Kate:) Thanks Rebecca!


kris said...

Here's to a white Thanksgiving :O) And I watched that WHOLE Rebecca giveaway video in hopes of hearing a name I knew and you should have heard my little yelp when i heard yours- but I still don't really know what you won!

Colleen said...

Whooo hooo on the new Kate bag...congrats!!! Sophie is adorable!!!! Looks like Papa thinks so too!
I have spent many days on freezing cold fields...hate it but love watching my boys play (we did baseball and football).
Thank you for your beautiful comment regarding Livi. We always use a highlighter for Livi's letters...and yes it makes her more confident. Livi decided that seh wanted to print all by herself with no highlighter for her Thankful picture...isn't that awesome!!!!! We will get there. Thank you again for your sweet comment. Hey where in NC are you? We used to live right outside of Charlotte in Matthews.

Catherine said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Glad your dad is able to shre it with you.

Cute pics of your kiddles. Congrats on winning the Kate Spade bag!

Special K said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the TBG gang!

Colleen said...

Great pics. Happy Thanksgiving - great that you have your Dad there to share the holiday.

Not with ya on the snow.......you know how I feel about snow.... ICK!

Christina said...

apple is best :-D