Sunday, November 2, 2008

This and That

Hmmmm look who was playing with Mommy's camera....

I voted early and only had to wait 30 minutes. Next election I am just going to request and absentee ballot. I like the idea of voting from the comfort of my couch:) I spoke to a lady at the grocery store who waited four hours!

Sophie was a cute little frog for Halloween. Her tutu has little lily pads on it...too cute! We went to our neighbors and to Sophie's Godparents for free candy. The big kids are quite the social butterflies. Hannah had a cute costume but was out the door before I could even get a picture. She had a costume party to go to with the "girls". Ben and his friend David "walked around", no trick or treating for those two cool eight graders.

I think there should be rules for trick or treating. Seriously. Sophie's Godparents live in a "popular" trick or treating neighborhood. They typically give out 1000 pieces of candy!!! We sat out on the porch with them and I can't even tell you how many people came to get candy with INFANTS in their arms! Granted the baby was dressed up, but c'mon, you take the baby to see grandma not trick or treating!

Hannah asked for a bedroom set for Christmas and for her birthday...a practical but costly request. I have been checking out Craigslist. Can I tell you how much I love some craigslist! I found a set that Hannah and I both like and the cost is reasonable ( I emailed my aunt the details, she works in the furniture business). Today I got rid of an old dresser and I plan on cleaning out the guest room furniture soon! I found Sophie a big girl bed with a trundle....nice piece of furniture for a fraction of what I would have to pay for new...and well it is "new to me"! It looks like some musical bedrooms here along with having to paint Ben and Hannah's new rooms. *sigh* I hate painting!

I know that I had more to share with you guys....but I can't for the life of me remember. The extra hour really didn't help me out much. Well I was able to get more laundry done with that extra hour...*snort*


Angela said...

Oh, I love the little froggy costume!!! Too cute!
I love painting, wish I lived closer, I'd come and help!

Happily Imperfect said...

Cutest frog ever. Too adorable!!

And the self portrait. Priceless.

Pug Mama said...

LOVE your little frog!!
I have never heard of Craigslist, must check out.

sea star said...

Love the frog costume! 2 years in a row you've picked winners!

Gotta vote tmrw, will stand in line all day if needed.

I can not for the life of me figure out Craigslist, it's complicated to me. ??? Must be slow.

kris said...

Sophie looks SO cute in her costume!! I voted early too- love doing it in person though, just feels good to go and vote, I did by absentee one year and it just didn't feel the same.

PIPO said...

One good lookin' little frog!

I was in and out for the vote in about an likey. Of course, me likey the idea of voting from the couch better.

Wish I had thought of Craiglist before. I was in one of my crazes when I bought the furniture for my girl's big-girl room. I found something I loved and was bat-shite crazy enough to spend almost 500 bucks just to have it shipped! Oye...I was so frivolous in my youth. No more.

Special K said...

Very cute little froggie.

I love the idea of 2nd hand furniture. My sis buys stuff of Craigslist all the time. With a quick coat of paint it's like brand new.

amy said...

that is a precious picture and this blog is way too cute

Polar Bear said...

That is THE cutest costume EVER!! Can I ask where you found it? Frogs have an endearing meaning between my nephew and me. He would LOVE it if I dressed our girl as a frog one year for Halloween. I'll have to tell you the story one day!

I agree with you 110% on dressing babies to go trick or treating. We had to have at least a dozen at our house. Crazy!

I've never been to Craig's List. I may have to go take a look.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Sophie is the cutest frog I think I've ever seen :0) I agree with people taking their infants trick or treating for candy. We almost didn't take the grandson who is 18 months old but hey.. he LOVES him some smarties and tootsie rolls etc. :0)
I have to vote tomorrow. I'll probably be in line for a long time. Maybe I'll get lucky and everyone in my area will already have voted early. A girl can dream!

Christina said...

Yes, infants to grandma's, not for use as tickets for candy! lol

For furniture, have you checked out IKEA? They're stuff is really reasonable (although they do have some expensive things). I love their furniture. You might check it out!

Beverly said...

she is so adorable!!