Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Almost Done.....

Well it looks like I am closing the gap between what I have done and what needs to get done! Took the kids pic for the "New Year's " card. Those will go out next week:) Not as creative as last years, but it will do and all three kiddos look cute. I am pretty sure I am done shopping. Seriously, if I have not remembered to pick something up .....we must not need it!! My mom came in late last night and will be here for her Christmas break. It should be lots of fun. She was here this summer and at that time Ben was just about as tall as my mom ( all four foot ten of her!) and well now he is probably a good 6 inches taller! My mom and I will be busy making some apps today for a party we are going to tonight. Hannah has choir practice, we need to go see Santa, and I need to buy wrapping paper. Oh and I almost forgot! I need to come up with something for Christmas morning breakfast. One of the teacher assistants at school had no where to go for Christmas:( I invited her to come to our crazy house so when she leaves here, she will be ready for some peace and quiet! Well, now that I have just written all that out, it doesn't really seem like I am close to being finished! Enjoy some pics and video from the last few days.

Sophie putting daddy to bed:) At night I sit in a chair in Sophie's room until she falls asleep. She is so funny! She sits in a chair when she puts her babies to bed too!

Murphy giving y'all a quick wink!



**Photo's by Hannah**


Pug Mama said...

you are so sweet for inviting the Teacher's Assistant over Christmas morning.
ope you all have a wonderful holiday!

3D said...

You are just all over this holiday! You got it wrapped up with a bow...oh wait...you will have it all wrapped up with a bow once you get to the store for paper.

I love the pics. So cute!

And I second PG's sentiment..u r super sweet!

Keep smilin!

Special K said...

Awwww.... I heard sweet Sophie's voice on the video. I miss you guys!

Colleen said...

How nice of you to invite the teacher over Christmas morning.
That video is adorable!!!!! Sophie is so stinkin cute!

Kayce said...

Loved the video!
Merry Christmas to you all!