Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What a Circus!! (and report of a fake blogger!)

The day before vacation started Hannah's class had taken a field trip to the same museum...unfortunately Hannah got sick (throwing up I want my mommy sick) while on the field trip. The museum is about 2 hours away and by the time the teachers called Chris, they were close to getting on the bus to come home. Anyway, Hannah was bummed that she did not get a chance to walk the tight rope, so I packed up the crew and we headed to the museum for a day of fun.

Hannah showing me where she took a nap when she was sick on her field trip.

Here is Hannah walking the tight rope!

Photographic proof of Ben! He had lots of fun with Sophie today.


After we got home I checked my email to find 32 messages from my snarky, smart and pretty freakin funny group of friends! It seems one of the "Nancy Drews" in the group has come across a fake blogger. Seriously. Who has that kind of time to make up slightly interesting stuff to blog about??? This "blogger" it seems to have the exact same nursery that can be seen on the HGTV website, the exact yellow car that someone else blogged about, and apparently the puking pumpkins from Halloween were her son's doing! Stupid really, but the sad/weird part is that she has blogged about an adoption that she "needs prayers for" and posted the picture of the baby. The baby in the picture is a stock photo. She has what seems to be a nice group of ladies that follow her blog and are praying for the precious angel in the photo. I guess we all "invest" ourselves one way or another in the stories that we read on blogs, it is just terribly sad that this person has exploited the support given by her readers....

In these emails there were quite a few confessions of misrepresentations, I won't go into it here but lets just say the information shared was quite interesting:) So in the interest in keeping it real and honest it is time for me to be honest with the four of you who still read my blog.... The brunette that often is holding Sophie in pictures is not me....this is the real me.

I encourage ALL of you to please take a moment and come clean! Be honest! Be Real! Please don't be shy we want to see the real you!!!


PIPO said...

Sorry Hannah was feeling nasty and glad she got to walk her rope after all...she's got some Grace there. I would have flopped off and bisected myself. Just lovely ;0)

Okay, how about dropping ME an email. WTH??? I can't believe you found me out!!!

By the way, the brunette in your usual pics is way more of a hot mama than the 'you' you put up today.

Mucho amor.

Beverly said...

so glad you came real! heh heh.

Pug Mama said...

OMG!! I laughed so hard at this post. Actually, I think we are up to around 45 emails!!!
Only thing missing is a link to the crazy lady's blog.
I still can't believe so many people believed her!!
YES, I switched from the Vietnam program to the China program and my time waiting in the Vietnam line was grandfathered into the China program. So now I have a China LID of over 14 months - IMAGINE THAT!
How do readers believe that - specially readers that know how the China program works.
Thanks to our Nancy Drew for bringing this to our attention!

sea star said...

As you know, I did come clean, I am not me either. I have a Demi Moore body, Jennifer Aniston hair and a Christie Brinkley smile. I'm hot.

I will promise to be more truthful in 2009.

p.s. I think the emails are up to 60...

The Gang's Momma said...

I'm so confused. I have never heard of a fake blogger. I must also be incredibly niave. I can't believe the nerve . . . Apparently, I'm also rather dull witted: I'd never be able to think up all that crap!

Special K said...

You crack me up. If the "fake" blogger reads here... she's probably saying "Geez the nerve of some people. I wonder what kind of freak would do such a thing!?" LOL!

PS. Happy New Year, luv!

Somewhere In The Sun said...

I am afraid I will no longer be able to read your blog. I'm too jealous of how beautiful you are!! :D


Christina said...

HAHA Love the "real you". Somehow I think the one you posted before is probably a bit more sensible in everyday fashions (and probably everything else)!!!!
That's creepy that there is a fake blogger out there. I do have to say that my profile does not link to my "real" blog because of some unwanted traffic on my site. If you want a link to the one I more regularly update, leave me a comment on that one and I'll send it to you! I don't want to leave it on here bc go*gle could find it.
Happy New Year!