Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy 12th Birthday Hannah!!

Our eldest daughter is twelve years old today....hard to believe. While
pregnant with Hannah I kept telling everyone that I was having a girl.
They would often assume that we had an ultrasound that revealed the sex
of our baby....but they were wrong. I hoped and prayed for a sweet baby girl. I
bought girl clothes and hid them in the closet. I just knew I was
having a baby girl. My second born child made her appearance exactly on
her due date of December 27th. Our lives have been made more beautiful
and exciting by her presence in our lives. We love you Hannah we are so
lucky to be your Mom and Dad!!

* this pic was taken at steak house in town that embarrases...I mean sings happy birthday to you on your special day:)


kris said...

happy birthday beautiful girl!! man she's growing up TOO fast and i've never even had the pleasure of meeting her yet darn it!! hugs and kisses to you on your special day and sorry i'm a day late!

Special K said...

Happy happy birthday to my favorite 12 yr old girl! Only one more year of being a 'tween. :)

3D said...

Happy Birthday to a very special young lady!

Keep smilin!

Christina said...

Happy birthday!! My bday was yesterday, too. 26 though. i'm old :-) JK
I hope you had a great birthday!!!

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to Hannah - hope you had a fantastic day!
They sure grow up fast don't they?

Colleen said...

Happy birthday sweet Hannah! Sorry I am late for the wishes. I am sure it was a great day. God Mar....she is sooo pretty.

Catherine said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Your little girl is growing up Mommy. Beautiful picture Hannah! Hope your day was extra special!!

Angela said...

Happy belated Birthday!
Maryellen, you have to admit she looks great in the saddle!
Sorry, I don't mean to start any trouble.