Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Last year I wrote these letters to the daughters of my dear friends who are waiting for the day that they hold their child. I have added to the letter this year because many of them are still waiting moms.....but not for much longer:)

Dear Mia,

Your mom will always be there for you, just like she is always there when a friend needs her. She will show you how to be a good friend. She will love you always. She has waited for you to come with a positive attitude and words of encouragement for other waiting moms. She has missed you and thinks of you every day. She has been sad but not for very long though, because she has never doubted for one second that she was meant to be your mom. Your Mom can't wait to hold you!

Your mommy is one funny girl and I should warn you .....your aren't going to get much past your mommy!

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Pug Pup,

So much going on with your family! You are going to have a big sister, two big brothers, 3 dogs, and horses! Your Mom is a professional mommy. There is nothing she takes more seriously than her life as a mom. She will hug you and kiss every day. Your mom and daddy will always love you and keep you safe; they have whispered this promise to you many times. Your sister and brothers will teach you so many new things. They have waited for you too and can’t wait for you to come home.

Your mom has fought long and hard to bring you home sweet baby girl. Remember that there is nothing that your mom can't do! I believe that you and your mommy are kindered spirits....You both are strong and determined.

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Claire,

What a strong and determined Mom you have! She is so smart and funny. She will show you that there is nothing that you can’t do once you put your mind to it! Waiting for you has been hard for your mom too, but she has never given up hope that you will be a family. She has prepared so many places in your new home for you. Wait until you see your playroom! Your Mom did that just for you! Your mom has helped so many waiting mommies with her funny stories. They all miss her when she takes breaks; she makes waiting a little easier for so many people. She has a generous heart. She will always love you and you will always be the most important person in her life.

Baby Claire your mom is coming very soon to bring you home! Soon all that you will know will be the love that your mommy has been keeping just for you. No longer will you have to wait for hugs and kisses....your mommy will always be there to keep you safe and to be sure that you know every minute of every day that you are precious.

Love Mommy’s Friend,

Dear Polar Cub,

This letter is one of the hardest for me to write. I have seen the tears in your Mom’s eyes. She loves you so much and aches to hold you. She is going to be such a great mom. She is kind and will teach you so many things. She has waited such a long time to be your mommy! She will read you stories, she will act silly and make Christmas cookies with you every year. She will teach you to be strong and believe in yourself. She will love you always; I have seen it in her eyes.

Your mommy is such a good friend. She has never stop loving or dreaming about you. The moment you are placed in your loving mommy's arms we will all be crying tears of happiness!

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Beach Boatin' Baby,

Your family has waited so long for you! Waiting has not been easy for your mommy or your daddy, but they know that you are waiting for them too. They have prepared a beautiful room for you, that you won’t have to share with any of your brothers! Speaking of your brothers you will have three to teach you so many cool things. They will protect you and love you the only way big brothers can! Your mom will love you always, she has loved you for such a long time already and she hasn’t even held you yet. Her love for you is endless and she will always be there to hold you and keep you safe, but more importantly to remind you that you are loved.

Baby girl your mommy has never given up hope that you would come home to her and your family. She has continued to dream about the moment that you are finally placed in her arms. Guess what baby will be very soon!

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Gracie Mae,

What fun you are going to have with your Mommy and Daddy! Your home is filled with love, music and lots of laughter. Your mommy will teach to love unconditionally, because little Gracie that is how she loves you. She will show you that you can be strong and still cry. She will sing you songs, read you stories, play dress up and shower you with hugs and kisses. She will love and treasure you always.

Mommy and Daddy have a big surprise for you when you get home! You have a big sister named Georgia! Isn't that exciting!! Your big sister will teach lots of things! You will have so much fun together.

Love Mommy’s Friend,


Dear Kris' Baby,

Be prepared to have your picture taken! Your Mom can’t help but capture beauty around her, and you Baby girl will add so much beauty to your Mommy’s life. She is waiting for you and praying for you every day. She will share her love of God and her faith with you each day. She will show you that love is boundless by how much she loves and cares for her patients, friends and pets. She will show the simple yet amazing things all around. She will love you forever, she has promised that in her heart.

Your mommy has waited patiently for your arrival. She has prepared a beautiful room for you! Your mom is amazing and not only does she capture the beauty of the world around her with her camera, she recognizes the beauty in everything and everyone. She has a kind and giving heart. I am lucky to call her my friend. She has so much to share with you.....

Love Mommy’s Friend,


And last but not least I wish all of you a Happy New Year! I hope and pray that this is the year that your daughters come home to the love that waits for them in each of your hearts.


Sandra said...

You are such a sweet friend.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Pug Mama said...

I am toooo emotional these days to read this. You had me bawling!!!
Thank you.

Colleen said...

You are such a sweet friend {{{hug}}} My heart goes out to those that have been waiting for way too long.
May you have a wonderful and blessed New Years Day!!! I hope 2009 brings a lot of changes with CCAA....
Love to your family on this New years day!

Special K said...

Wow... nothing like waking up with a hangover and a really good cry! LOL!

But seriously, you're such an amazing friend, Mar. I'm so blessed to have met you and gotten to know you. And your loveable, crazy family.

Thanks for the letter. I'm going to print this one out and keep it for Mia some day. Love you, girl!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Happy New Year..
Those are such BEAUTIFUL letters..
Great friendships..
Have a Great Year..

sea star said...

Such an amazing journey with such amazing friends made along the way. I feel like I'm bringing my girl home to 2 families, mine and the blog girl posse.

Diana said...

You are a great friend..your letters are from the heart!!! They made me cry so I am sure they made each of the Mommy's cry!
Happy New Year:)

PIPO said...

Good goddess! You have me snorkeling like a walrus. I thought I couldn't cry anymore.

I'm going to short out my keyboard between tears and schnozzle!

Much love and the greatest of New Years to you and your family.

Dear Sophie, Hannah and Ben: I will keep it short and sweet but very factual. Your mom rocks!

kris said...

YOU are AMAZING. I'm so lucky to call you friend, Auntie Maryellen :O)

xoxo... thank you so much.

Laurie said...

Aww...that's incredibly sweet! I bet your post is getting printed for a bunch of baby scrapbooks! Happy New Year!

Polar Bear said...

I LOVED the letters last year and thought they were PERFECT, but you've done it again. Thank you so much! Beautiful.

Happy New Year!

redmaryjanes said...

Wow, that is really beautiful. Amazing actually.
Happy New Year to you! Thanks for the Heads Up about the bogus blog.