Saturday, January 3, 2009

Chinese New Year Goodies

Moving right along to the next holiday:) I thought I would share some of the goodies that I have found for Chinese New Year. First every girl needs a fashionable outfit for the special celebration! I picked up this super cute outfit for Sophie here at the Fly Away Home Clothing Boutique.

****This is not sophie. This is the little girl of the mom who makes this super cute outfit*****

Next I picked up some goodies for Sophie to hand out to her class at daycare. I hope to do this every year just like this super mom. I am also going to send in a Chinese New Year book for the teacher to share with the class. I picked up this cute little Chinese New Year package at China Sprout. Each little munchkin in the class will get a lantern, a coloring page, and a red envelope with chocolate coins.

I know that integrating Chinese culture in to our family culture will not always be easy, but celebrating the Chinese holidays like CNY and the Moon Festival are fun and easy ways for our entire family to celebrate Sophie's birth culture.


Sandra said...

Super mom? Yup, that's me ;-)

I love the outfit and for a moment I thought that was Sophie in the picture. Wow, she has grown, I thought so thanks for the clarification!

I think integrating the Chinese heritage is important. As long as the girls want, I am going to have them celebrate CNY at school. If they don't want to do it anymore when they get older, that is fine. At least they can never tell me I never bothered to do it.

HuluMama said...

Cute outfit!

I'll have to check China Sprout to see if they have anything for my MS students.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

CUTE outfit.. and love the idea of taking things to the other children.. I will have to start taking notes on all you that have your babies home and then I will know some of these cute things..
Stop by my blog and leave me some idea's on books.. I am looking to buy some cute books for Isabella..
Have a Great Weekend..

Special K said...

I'm impressed! Not sure I would've thought of this idea. I'm jotting it down in my "score cool mommy points" notebook for future reference.

PS. So since my kid will be so much younger than your kid and Sophie will have grown out of that outfit by the time my kid could wear it...well I'm just saying. LOL!

sea star said...

Wooooaaaa, could you lower the bar just a tad for us loser Mom's in the deep south?

Polar Bear said...

Super Cute outfit!!
Those treats are great! I may look into getting them for my kids at school. I was thinking of doing a mini Chinese New Year unit. You wouldn't believe how my kids like to color still, and anything chocolate is a good thing! :-)

Colleen said...

Jen does a beautiful job with her outfits. Jen is a friend of mine...did you order the outfit? If so you will be very happy with her work.
You are so on top of everything. Your like super mom!!!! I am just coming out of Christmas mode!

Colleen said...

What a super cute outfit!! I am going to check this out for sure. Now that Hannah is older I want to do more this year for CNY.

Laura said...

The outfit is adorable! I'll bookmark that site for sure. Great ideas on celebrating CNY - it will mean a lot to Sophie I'm sure. Just like Special K - I'll have to jot that down for the future!

Lisa and Tate said...

What a great idea to provide CNY for the preschool daycare. You are an amazing momma and a great example for new mommas like me (soon, I hope).


PIPO said...

You are on the job, mamalicious.

That outfit is as cute as it gets.