Saturday, January 24, 2009

CNY Weekend

We were planning on going to a CNY festival similar to last year, but Ben has a late basketball game so that is out....then Hula Mama gave me a name of restaurant that has good food and a lion dance performance, but it is on Sunday and Chris has a business meeting/dinner Sunday night. *sigh* I guess we will have Chinese food and I am going to make these today.

Sophie will be sporting her cute CNY outfit to school on Monday. Her teachers are so excited to celebrate Chinese New Year with the class. I have put together some coloring sheets, a video for the kids to watch (Kai Lan CNY and sing and dance with Mei Mei), little goody bags, and a CNY book for the teachers to keep in the classroom. I hope to do this each year with Sophie for as long as she wants to share CNY with her classmates.

I really excited to finally be able to make a trip to hang out in paradise for a few days with this good friend and this one and this one! I will be flying to Tampa on my $68 round trip ticket and my Dad is going to drive down to meet the girls for the weekend. I can't wait to chat, eat, chat, drink and most of all laugh and share good times with some of the most amazing ( and a little crazy) women that I have met on this journey! Fun times ahead!!


Special K said...

Yeah... but the crazy IS what makes us so much fun! See you soon!
Can you believe it?

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

sounds like a great time in paradise. have a drink for me since I really don't drink.. (someone needs to drink my share) :0) Seriously, you girls will have a GREAT time I'm sure!

I love the idea of dressing Sophie in her chinese clothing on Monday for CNY. I hadn't even thought of that but I think it's a good idea. I also have some chinese books and while I have a Kai-Lan DVD, I don't think it has anything on it for CNY. Where did you find Kai-Lan CNY ?

Sea Star said...

I will be skipping the local CNY celebrations again. I refuse to go again till I have somebody from China in my family...really, why would we go? We were looking like Asian baby stalkers the last time we participated. Not a good look.

Good times coming up! I still can't believe you have a round trip ticket for $68. That's nuts.

3D said...

Awesome...for a price like that how can you not go?!?!

Keep smilin!