Sunday, January 11, 2009

I like a four day work week!

Last week was the first week back after break. All in all a pretty good week. Sophie headed back to daycare without any problems, and was happy to see all of her little peeps. So whats with the four day work week??? I had forgotten that Sophie had a doctors appointment on Friday at Duke, so it was a four day week for me:)

  • Sophie's had a follow up appointment with her urologist Dr.Weiner. Seriously that is his name. Said just like you think. LOL cracks me up every time!! He is an exceptional pediatric urologist. I wish I knew what bet he lost when he chose his speciality!! I wonder if he was out drinking with this doctor! Those guys at Duke have quite the sense of humor:)
  • I might just end up with another four day work week if we get the snow that they are teasing me with on Thursday. It has been a really really mild winter here in NC.
  • I had a nice chat with her the other day. We think that the rest of the Georgia Bloggy babes will be getting their referrals ,traveling this summer or just getting home with their little bundles of joy making a get together highly unlikely. We might need to come up with an alternative gathering plan. I think that one summer we should rent a huge house on a NC beach.
  • I am having a really hard time getting motivated to study for my licensure test coming up in March.
  • I think I might cook for CNY instead of going out for dinner. If you cook a special dinner can you leave me your recipes or links? Thanks.
Hope you all have a great week!

Update: Pug Mama says.... "NO WAY WOMAN!!!! We WILL have a GA bloggy bash this summer. better believe it....."

:) See ya in Georgia this summer.


Pug Mama said...

We WILL have a GA bloggy bash this summer.
better believe it.....

Special K said...

Well... not all of us will be getting our referrals.

But I'm with you. I'll believe it when I see it. Hmmmmm..... maybe this whole waiting thing has made me a bit skeptical?

HuluMama said...

Maybe a 2 hour snow delay on Thursday? At year round school, we make up snow days on Saturdays. Yuck.

I have some great recipes from a Chinese cooking class I took in Durham. I can send them to you.

sea star said...

Dr. Weiner...*snort*

Pug Mama might be in China during that bash...hope she won't mind us using her house.

~ Alison n' Mali~ said...

"the Georgia Bloggy babes will be getting their referrals ,traveling this summer or just getting home with their little bundles of joy making a get together highly unlikely." <~~ I say unless they're in China or not over the jetlag, or terrible sick, they have no excuses!! =) Babies normally travel easy peazy. & under 2 u don't even have to buy them a seat on the plane!! What's more important than introducing them to the rest of the crew??

Mali's PED's name is Dr. Needle. I thought that was kinda scary. Dr Weiner def wins the prize.

Headmeister said...

My old dentist was Dr. Friend... but my old OB/GYN was Dr. Lay. I kid you not!!! lol!

I'm never going to get a referral and I still can't wait for summer ;)

Kristen said...

Dr. Weiner....ROTFLMAO!!! I just can't stop the giggle on that one!

Better believe it is right... I need me some baby lovin... I'm with the rest that say, pug mama would never mind us "borrowing" her house!!! And she's making it so pretty I may never leave this time!!

Can't wait to see you again... I need my sped friend there to swap fun stories!!!

Kayce said...

Dr. Weiner is too funny! I'd have to change my name I think. I'm wishing I lived closer to GA so I can crash the party!! As for the CNY recipes...Pick up this months copy of Cooking Light, it has an entire menu for CNY.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

sounds like the summer bash is on. if not, the maddster and i are up for some travel to NC. :0) i totally enjoyed talking with you too!

Diana said...

Our 2 heart Drs are Dr French and Dr Fry. (Yes we only have 2 heart Drs here as we are small town Indiana and they are in practice together:) They were on Letterman.
My friends Gyno was Dr.WiWi (WeWe)

PIPO said...

Sea Star beat me to it ;0) I suspect a number of the crew will be China bound but we'll see how it flys :0)

I always laugh at the menagerie that is part of our local OB/GYN crew. Drs Lamb, Pigg, Bare (okay, spelled differently but even that is funny for a gyn), and Fox.

Colleen said...

Why is "Weiner" such a funny word??

All I know is I am SOOO there this year. (if there is a partay!) I am not missing this one.

Kudo said...

So glad the uro appointment went well. Hope we get similar results in April. Shure would love to make a blogging bash sometime maybe I can combind it with a trip to Cinn for BM...