Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday School

I survived working on a Saturday. We (my student teacher and I. Who oddly enough looks like a younger version of me!!) planned a fun activity, using the book "Mud", a sequencing activity and making mud pies...yum! The kids used a recipe to make pudding mud pies. The marshmallows were the chunks of "melting snow", and crunched up oreo was the soil:) I am not sure of the final attendance but more than one classroom had all kids in attendance! You special ed teachers our there know that all of my special ed kids came to school. I did not have one kid out! Most of the general ed teachers had lots of fun things planned too, so I really only had kids first thing in the morning. I should add that it was beautiful here today....sunny 78 degrees! (warmer than my weekend in paradise)


Catherine said...

Sorry you had to work on a Saturday. Yuck!! Looks like you found a super cool activity to work on though! Neat!! that your teaching assistant in the purple? She sure does look like you!! If you hadn't told us I would have been sure it was you!

Sea Star said...

Kiss my was only cold here cuz you were here. =0)
It was hot today and tomorrow is island time!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I was amazed you all to go to school on saturday. I take you do not get calamate days in NC. We get 5 of those here in Ohio for snow (or winds from hurricanes as the case was last year) Looks like everyone made the best of it though.. including those parents who had a saturday "off" while their kids were in school.

Pug Mama said...

the lady in the maroon top does look just like you - I can only assume that is your TA.
That's looks like such a fun activity - I can't believe how clean everything/everyone stayed during the process of making those mud pies.
School on Saturday - still blows my mind.