Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keepin' the Snark Under Control

My name is Maryellen and I am a wise ass. Some may find that to be my best personality trait...others maybe not so much. Last night I posted, then removed a post about a comment left on a March Y*hoo board. This particular member tends to be "alot of work". C'mon you know the type. In high school she was the girl who ran out of the party crying with a group of dorks...I mean friends running after her begging her not to leave. Anyway this particular gal tends to leave backhanded comments. With all the latest referrals instead of saying "congrats" she just HAD to mention that she was envious. Gaaawd shut-up already. Envy is a life sucking emotion. I may be a wise ass but she is a pain in the ass.

So why I am I posting this again? I removed the post last night because I was trying to keep the snark under control. Especially after I called her bemoaning the over use of BFF in blogland. Seriously I stopped using BFF around the same time I stopped signing my Valentine's TLA. Well I second guessed myself....I was trying to trick y'all into thinking that I am some sweet soccer mom. But after she confessed to loving a good train wreck, I thought to be fair I should let you know the real me. I am a wise ass, mom to three great kids, who has a low tolerance for drama...save it for your mama I say, who loves to laugh and drink a good beer with friends.


a Tonggu Momma said...

But... but... WHY?!?!! Sometimes I like snark. Sometimes it is funny. Sometimes it helps us all get over ourselves.

I don't know the story behind this, so I'm not saying anything about anyone in particular, but the husband and I have a name for Those Filled With Drama. We call them "extra grace people." Cuz, you know, you need a boatload of extra grace to deal with them.

Umm... is this too snarky of a comment?

3D said...

Love your ass...wise and all!

I saw that and saw it gone so I was wondering what was up.

Keep smilin!

A Beautiful Mess said...
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A Beautiful Mess said...

Tonggu momma....snark away.

I am NOT going to try to keep my snark under too much control!

so snark away:)

Special K said...

I absolutely love your snark! Do not ever restrain that part of you. You just wouldn't be Mare without it.

And instead of calling you my BFF, I'm just gonna pee on you to mark MY territory... Griffey taught me that. LOL!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I too love the snark in you! :0) You remind me of one of my sisters. She is always quick with the comebacks. She is on top of it and I love that about her. I really like that about you too. And, I like to read your posts because they are always relevant. (especially the bff thing..)
Snark away friend... not that you need my permission or anything, I'm just sayin.

Pug Mama said...

I say you should have kept the original post up - it was highly entertaining and it's YOUR blog.
That is the very reason I don't read the March Yahoo board WAAAAAYYYYYY too many people - too many conflicting opinions. I get my recaps from you and T.

So does this mean we can't be bff's?

Sea Star said...

And that's why I love ya my bff;0) Period.
Was BFF even around when we were growing up? I don't recall ever using it.

You know I'm full of snark, a complete pain in the ass and I can think of nothing better than a cold beer with friends. Unfortunately, I do not portrait myself very well as the perfect soccer Mom, but then again, my kids don't play soccer so I'm totally off the hook on that one.

As we all know, Sea Star loves a good train wreck and that's why she reads the March Yahoo board.
=0) I don't speak, I just read and get a cheap thrill off the same complete idiot that you are speaking of. She's like nails on a chalkboard and she drives me bat shit crazy, but completely entertaining to some degree. I just can't figure out why some people are wired so differently. It's really fascinating to me.

Susan said...

Love it Maryellen! :)

kris said...

i have always loved your snarky ass. and the REAL you. hell, your the kind of girl that coulda swung me the other way (wink, wink).


The Gang's Momma said...

Keep the snark!
Keep the snark!
Keep the snark!

(Picture posterboard waving in air, in rhythmic time to chanting.)


I love your snark. It's why I read!

kris said...

ps. TTFN, BFF. (had to, just had to).

~K said...

It takes a snarky ass to deal with the daily SpEd dynamic... don't lose it or try to control it!!

I find it's the very fiber of my being... without it my low tolerance for dumb would just turn into plain mean bitchy-ness... or is that the very fiber... oh never mind...

Keep at it girl, it's what we love about you ;-)

Colleen said...

I vote for the original post!!!! I like a wise ass...probably because I'm a wise ass...I hate drama. I usually am the one saying "get over yourself" ask my kids...no sympathy in this house. Come on I raised 4 boys : P
So BFF.......: ) want to see my horns? I learned a long time ago if I can't be myself around you then your not my friend...wanna be my BFF...ha ha just had to...you live to far away to smack me.

Catherine said...
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