Monday, September 1, 2008

For My Dad....

My dad was checking out my new digs and he promptly informed me that he liked my old blog better.....more pictures. So here are some pics from July and August.

Sophie and I go to the little gym on Saturday mornings. She is getting better with participating in the group warm ups and letting the teacher help her, but to be honest she loves the free play best. She is strong and adventurous on the equipment. Each time we go she gets a little more comfortable with the group.

Check out Hannah and our new dog Piper. Piper is a little Schnauzer and is fitting in quite well with the family. Hannah and I still miss Jazzie, but I thought it was time to add a little dog to our family. Jazzie was Hannah's dog, Piper is our family dog (along with our yellow lab Murphy).

Here is Sophie at the front door of her little house that Papa and Oma bought her for her second birthday. She loves playing in her house and it looks nice in our backyard:)


Kateri said...

Piper is a real cutie. And I love her name! I thought for sure you would find Jazzie. Our dog, Dallas, got away from the kennel while we were vacationing in NC this summer. She wasn't even gone 24 hours but it seemed like an eternity. I thought of you often when our Dallas was missing, remembering how hard it had been for you all to lose Jazzie. I guess I just wanted to say that I'm glad you got Piper but I can imagine now how much you all must miss Jazzie:)
Glad you got through your first week back. I've got a ton of new kids...mostly all autistic or atleast looking like they're on the spectrum. Should be a fun year;)
Have a good week!
Oh and can Oma and Papa get Alayna one of those fab play houses for her birthday? It's coming up in a couple of weeks!

PerfectMomentProject said...

I love your new digs. It looks like your blog's laid out on a beautiful table cloth... soothing and a great backdrop for your cuuute kids.
What a gorgeous trio you have.
And I'm sure they are all perfectly happy in their 'day jobs'.
I'd love one of your perfect moments for my Perfect Moment Project... got a favorite?

kris said...

Oh my gosh Piper is so cute- I had not idea you guys had gotten a new dog! Love all the pics!

Gail said...

Clicked onto your blog from Kris's.

Love the look! Love the colors!
And Piper is adorable!
I am so sorry about your loss of Jazzie.
I am a huge animal lover and understand the deep ache that is felt when losing a fur baby.

Patti and Co. said...

I love the pictures. The girls still want a dog like Auntie M!!! Thanks.

Laurie said...

What great pictures. And Piper is precious. What a fun new furry one!

sea star said...

Freaking cute. The girls, the dog and the play house!

PIPO said...

Ahhhh...photographic cuteness. You've done your dad proud.

Piper is a cutie. Enjoy.

Tawni said...

I love your new blog!! Sophie is absolutely beautiful!!

Yoli said...

She is so cute! Love the pictures.

Colleen said...

Oh my goodness your girls are both so adorable!!!!! And that puppy. My parents would go nuts!!! Piper is adorable!!! Can I vote with Dad and ask for more pictures...your kids are just so cute...: ) I love pictures.

Rebecca said...

I love the pictures, Maryellen!!! Your little gymnast looks very cool & confidant on the balance beam. :) I am planning on putting at least a couple of my girls in gymnastics this year and they are so excited!!

The dog is so cute... and I love the playhouse!!! Looks like heaven for a little girl!!!


Wendy said...

Love the new photos...the girls are adorable.

Emma will start her gym class next week and cannot wait!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I just love how sweet piper looks. I know she isn't jazzie but she is a cutie just the same.

glad to see Sophie on the balance beams. Maddy started doing summersalts on her own after watching gymnastics on the olympics. she does them over and over so we are thinking of putting her into some kind of gymnastics class this fall/winter.

Lovein the house from Oma and Papa!

Colleen said...

Love the pics. I should really get Hannah involved in something like that. She would love it.

LOVE the pic of your Hannah and Piper. What a cute doggie. I am so sorry you never found Jazzie.... I hope Piper brings much love to your family.