Friday, August 29, 2008


Well the first week back to school with kids went well...for my kids at home and for my kids at school! My brain is a little fried so bullets it is!

* If my husband tells me one more time that Sophe "looooves daycare" I am going to kick him. I know it is good that she loves going to "school" I just wish I could stay home with her. I do have to confess that picking her up from daycare can turn any frown upside down.....she runs smiling towards me and tells everyone bye bye. She is so stinkin cute I could just eat her up with a spoon!

* Hannah is doing great on planet middle school. She has made some new friends and is enjoying all of her teachers.

* Ben is happy to back at school with all of his friends....oh and he likes his teachers too.

* Starting school on a Monday makes for a long a exhausting week for teachers and kids.

* I have manged to make it to school everyday on time. LOL! Those who have worked with me know I am a usually just a "little" late. Don't worry I am not the first person out of the building at the end of the day.

* I had to write a behavior plan for a kindergarten student his second day of school....*sigh* I am happy to report that he is doing great and just needs to have very little wiggle room until he better understands the rules and behavior expectations.

* I had one student start school Monday then transfer to another school on Wednesday. Why oh why do parents do this to their children?? I am sure he will be back in a few months.

* The parent of one of my students is dead set on pulling her daughter with autism out of special ed. I should clarify that I looove seeing my kids do well in school and enjoy exiting children.... But the truth is I am a k-3 special ed teacher, and that is the age that most children are placed in special ed. This student needs specialized instruction period.

* It kind of feels like I never left school and had a summer vacation.

* I am so happy to have an extra day this weekend to clean my house. Maybe I'll even go crazy and make a dinner menu and buy everything thing at the store that I need for the entire week, or maybe not.

* We have a big day coming up in a few weeks. Many of you won't even believe it!!

Have a great weekend everyone and don't forget to stop by Rebecca's blog (the link is below) check out her cool give aways as well as her blog design website. She is very talented!



Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Sounds like your week went great! I can only imagine how exhausting it is to have kids at school all day and kids at home too. I dont' think I'd be cut out for it I tell you! :0)

Check out the blog sometime today to see Maddy sporting her OSU jersey you all sent. It's a little big but we'll get LOTS of use out of it! Thanks again!

sea star said...

Big day eh? Now I'd call that a cliffhanger.

Glad the week back was good. Summer just seems to fly by to fast!

Feeding off of Robin's comment, our clan will be sporting the same OSU jersye's today! Thanks to you!

Special K said...

Well since everybody else's kid is wearing their TBG gang provided OSU jersey... maybe I'll put Griffey in the one I got. Hey, he's the only kid I got right now!LOL!

Glad everybody is adjusting to school. I think I know what the big day is but I won't spill. :)

Miss you guys tons!

Patti and Co. said...

Were are getting ready for our first days. Helen is still a bit scared as we still don't have a regular someone to pick her up yet.... She will walk home with a friend this week & hopefully something will pan out for next week. She's a bit happier with her new phone that she caries everywhere just in case it rings. I'm not sure who she's waiting to hear from. Lil could use a few more weeks of vacation. I on the other hand am ready I can't wait to see who has grown over the summer & what they retained lol. I'm glad Hannah is loving school & I know that you have two big dates coming up.....

kris said...

I still CAN'T believe it!!! :O) Sounds like you had one heck of a first week back- enjoy the long weekend...

It was great catching up, we need to do that more often

Angela said...

At first I thought I knew what "the big day" was, but now I'm not so sure. It has almost been a year since Gotcha day, but I don't think that would be such a shock for us to not believe.
Have you talked DH into adopting again? Just a guess!