Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Is it really Wednesday already??!?! This was my first week back to work. It has gone well considering I am still pouting about not getting my transfer.

*Monday I walked in to my classroom expecting a partition dividing the classroom I am sharing with the two NEW part-time special ed teachers. (fellow teachers are you feelin’ my pain???) instead there was crap everywhere! I used to share a room with the curriculum facilitator, but she retired and took MOST of her stuff….she left the crap she didn’t want…that combined with all my crap made for a nice mess.

*Sophie did Spec-Tac-ular on her first day back to daycare/school. Chris brings her everyday (we are well aware that I would be terrible at dropping her off each day). She was a little nervous, but no tears.

*Hannah is all set for middle school….all the way down to her Vera Bradley lunch box.

*Ben went to open house night and found out that he is in the advanced math class and will be taking algebra 1 this year in 8th grade along with advanced language arts….Chris met all of his teachers and he seems to think that his science teacher is going to be the toughest. ummmm I think I took algebra when I was in high school. He definitely gets this from his father...his smart ass attitude he gets from me:)

*Hannah’s open house is Thursday she is excited to meet her teachers, clarify the dress code, and see who she knows in her homeroom.

*Three quarters of my caseload is made up of first grade students....must have been a bad birth year in A-county, North Carolina.

*PMS and the first week back to work is not a good combo.

*My program specialist sent me a schedule of mandatory monthly meetings that I have to attend as the “EC Chairperson”. Being EC Chair is total bullshit. I do not get paid for the extra responsibility or aggravation. I could give two shits about the “title”

*We are still lovin the Olympics…although it would be nice to watch something other than beach volleyball.

*Getting up at 5:30 am is kicking my ass.

*I fell asleep last night putting Sophie to bed…..around 8:30:)

*I can’t wait to read what the winners of my contest have to say about their prizes. They should all get their gifts by Friday. It was fun..I’ll have to do another one.

*Have a great rest of the week…I can’t wait for Friday!


PIPO said...

Vera Bradley lunchbox? Who knew? Clearly not me.

Hope everyone gets their groove on for the new year without any spilling of blood or loud screams ;0)

Kayce said...

It's so great that Sophie had a great first day! 5:30 is killing me too! And now come Monday I have to be dressed to work (new job) instead of dressed to drop off kids and have no one see me. Have a great year!

Colleen said...

I love Vera Bradley how cute that she has a lunch box. I have to start getting my butt in gear next week because my Livi stars Kindergarten and she has to be at school at 7:50AM. It's been a lot of years since I had to drive someone to school so early. I just sent my last son off to college and I am starting with kindergarten all over again LOL what was I thinking LOL

Rebecca said...

So glad Sophie had a wonderful first day... no tears even, what a brave little lady!!

Sorry for the aggravations at work... if only your "back to work" had been as smooth as Sophie's "back to school"! :)


Angela said...

Lucky Hannah! I LOVE Vera Brandley stuff! Though I have to stay away, I'd get in some major trouble!!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE Vera Bradley...
Sounds like the kids are doing well..
Hope things get better at work..
Have a Great Week..

Krista ~ Bits and pieces said...

I am so enjoying the earings. They arrived last night~ and I wore them today. Vito said that all of my new girlfriends are putting him to shame. Who knows maybe your gift is going to be just the beginning of my gifts this week : )

Thank you agian so much!!!

have a beautiful weekend~

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I second PiPo's comment.. Vera Bradly lunchbox..?? :0) You Go Hannah!

Can't believe you even have time to blog. I think my problem is not that I dont' have time but that I don't have anything to say.

I got my gift today... :0).. Totally AWESOME if I do say so myself. will be posting about it tonight.