Friday, August 8, 2008

Today is the Day!

The Olympics are finally here! I know that many of you will be happy to see them over and done with! The mantra of this crappy extending wait has been "Once the Olympics are over things will speed up!" I hope that this will be the case for all of you waiting to hold your babies!

I have to confess that we have always been total Olympic junkies. I can't wait to watch the "high profile" events as well as the not so popular competitions. We have been lucky enough to attend the summer Olympics when they were held in Atlanta. It was great fun! Maybe some day we will be fortunate enough to attend the winter games.

We are having friends and family over tonight to watch the opening ceremonies and to feast on some delicious Chinese food. Ben and Hannah have the Wii all set up to play their Beijing Olympic game.

I leave you with video of Sophie..... future Olympian?

* It is hard to believe that while we were in China Sophie hated the bath! It was horrible. She reacted as if I had dipped her in a vat of oil! I basically gave her sponge baths until we got home. Now look at her! She is such an amazing girl!


The Gang's All Here! said...

We're junkies here too! We're heading to a friend's house to watch the festivities on their plasma big screen. Unfortunately, my Eagles are also playing their first pre-season game. What the heck was the NFL thinking? NUTS!

Catherine said...

Another junkie checking in!

You'll love the opening least the first hour. After watching the first hour I had to drag myself off to work with the promise that I'll watch what I missed as soon as I get home! Mmmm...Chinese food might be in order for supper! Great idea!

Enjoy the Olympics friend.

(Need to wait until I get home to see your little sweetie but I'll check it out then.)

Special K said...

I'll be watching the opening ceremonies with a cocktail in hand.

PS. Woo Hoo! Look at Sophie go. I love her little backwards push off and swimming. Adorable.

Amber Schmidt said...

We were glued to the TV watching the opening ceremonies... how amazing!!!

PIPO said...

Loved the opening of the games.

Yep, Sophie is officially a water bug like her big sis.

3D said...

She is quite the adorable fish.

Keep smilin!

Julia said...

You might as well have written this about my youngest, her first bath in China with me lasted less than 3 months, and she cried hysterically for 45 minutes afterwards. Now she's a fish, go figure. Of course she always has done things on her own schedule and not mine. :-)