Friday, August 22, 2008


This is Hannah's lunch box for you vera bradley girls out there.

* I made it through my first week back, Monday the kids come back. Since Monday I have picked up 4 kindergarten students, and one third grader. There is no telling how many more will register on Monday. It will be interesting to see how many of my kids moved over the summer, so far I only know of one. I'll miss her she was a sweet kid....she probably be back by Christmas:)

* I have a parent with a child with Autism who called today to let me know that "she was no longer interested in having her daughter receive special education services." Ya think??....her daughter is echolalic,she has limited communication skills...paired with an incredible memory. She can count like the wind, she knows all of her high frequency words etc, all of which mean absolutely nothing to her! I am really excited about working with her to make those connections.....sigh. I have never had to go to due process for a student, but considering how this year has started this just might be my year. I guess I will be able to add this to "experience" on my resume.

* I would post a picture of the mountain of laundry I have to do this weekend, but it is just too embarrassing.

* How are all my Florida peeps doing? I am sending dry weather thoughts your way along with lots of prayers.

* Have a great weekend. I need to post some pics of the kiddos.


kris said...

Wow, I love the work you do, I swear.

How are we doing?? Well. It's raining... rainy, windy. Lots of rain :O) (sorry, just did a post about this yesterday)! SO over Fay... they promise some sun will peek through Sunday (but we'll still have thunderstorms). This is the LONGEST I have not seen sun in my 22 years in Florida!

Colleen said...

Love the lunch box. I have the matching travel the print.

Lindsay said...

Love the lunchbox!

I hate it when parents turn down necessary help for their children. I spent 2 years once trying to convince a parent their child was Aspergers. By the time they were willing to face reality and get help he also had clinical depression and OCD as a result of not coping with school. I wish people didn't feel there was a stigma and would just let their children get help.

Susan said...


Congrats on completing the first week!
Good luck on the laundry!
I am trying to figure out, when one works full-time, is the weekend for cleaning house?
It just can't be....
Good luck with the student, doh!
I want pointers on blog decorations.
did you do yours? I just want a little change, not a total transformation. :)

Allie and Jenn said...

I have the EXACT same lunch box! My back to school present...doesn't stay shut though...maybe I'll add a button...or just stop eating so much. It was good talking today...miss you guys!

Happily Imperfect said...

Love that lunchbox!!

Glad you made it thru your first week back.

Hope you enjoyed your time with the laundry. That is one chore I dislike ... greatly!!

Angela said...

That Mod Pink is the print that I was looking at in Hallmark the other day, LOVE it!!!
Hannah's a lucky girl!
Oh, tell her I took Lily to see some wild mustangs that were here this weekend to be adopted out to the public, I wanted one so badly!