Thursday, August 7, 2008

Miss Her TONS!!

One of the good things about my job is that from time to time I get to work with some crazy and talented people. My friend Morgan has certainly been a highlight! Unfortunately we no longer work girl got married to the man of her dreams, moved closer to her family and had a beautiful baby.

Morgan and I worked together for three years. We weathered the storms of related services people not having their shit together for meetings, an insane drunk ego maniac from Canada, stressful weekly EC team meetings, teachers who think every kid who has difficulty learning has "processing issues", and of course being micromanaged by the administration......add to that the drama of working at a school! I thank God she was there with me every step of the way. We would have surely killed someone if we didn't have each other.....and really cute shoes:)

Yesterday (before I received the aggravating news about my transfer) I headed to meet Morgan, her mom and her precious little boy Gabrielle. He is such a good baby and exactly what Morgan ordered from God! He looks a lot like his daddy, but he has Morgan's smile, chin and she obviously contributed to his beautiful skin color! She is such a good mom and Gaby has his grandma hook, line and sinker!


Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

What a fun lunch we had and I miss you a TON already--you and your cute shoes (and clothes, bags, accessories, etc!!!)

Kateri said...

So I'm not going to take that related service provider comment personally. I'm mean, we don't even work in the same State, much less the same district, but it sure sounds like we do when you describe your trials and TRAUMAS!!! Don't you just loooovvveeee special ed??!!
Can't wait to go back:)
And for the record, THIS related service provider always has her shit together by the time the meeting starts:) Maybe not the day before but always by the time the meeting starts!!