Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Have to Take the Good With the Bad......

The Good

The Bad

*The Good.... Sophie is just doing amazing! She is now saying two and three word phrases.

*The Bad.... Sophie is throwing a little 2 year old 'tude around lately.

*The Good.... All of the teachers at our school got a bonus today for making our "ABC" testing goal.

*The Bad.... The state of NC did not have enough money to pay all of the teachers in the state the promised amount for reaching the ABC goal. So all of the teachers at the schools that made their ABC goal received about $300 less than promised.

*The Good.... I only have one more car payment and my car is paid off!

*The Bad... I found out yesterday that I need a new transmission. (good thing I have a little extra cash from my shorted bonus)

*The Good.... Ben and Hannah are doing advanced math and Chris knows how to help them.

*The Bad.... I have know freakin idea how to help them with their math homework!

*The Good.... Well it is all good when you are looking at the big picture!

Hope you are all have more Good going on in your world than Bad!


PIPO said...

Indeedly-do - more good than bad. I gotta say, though, Sophie is awfully cute when 'bad' too.

As for me mostly good with an occasional bout of the bad and uglies ;0)

Sorry about the tranny - ugh!

Kimi said...

Oh my, she is PURE CUTENESS!!!

I'm not surprised...she is a Datong cutie. I haven't seen a child come from Datong that wasn't over the top adorable!!! Am I a little partial....NEVER, it is what it is, my son is also a Datong cutie.

I have to say those piggy tails are the most adorable ever! We are adopting a daughter and I can definitely see piggy tails in her future!

I love your new blog look!


Kristin said...

I am pretty much fazed out of math myself... they've surpassed my wee intellect.

As for 'tude? Well, a certain someone has it in spades.

Ronda said...

Love the pigtails - even during the 2 year old 'tude =)

sea star said...

Where did Sophie go? She seems to have grown up over night.

Life is always good in this neck of the woods....well, except for that BOD mtg tnite...not so good.

kris said...

Good and bad, life is a mixed bag after all I suppose. Though Sophie pulls off bad looking damn adorable!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

LOVe those pigtails. I totally know what you mean about "tude". Maddy's favorite words of late are "I don't WANT to!" and "I DON'T wike it!" This just started in the last couple of weeks. There are some new kids at daycare now that school is back in session and I have a feeling someone else must say those two sentences often. ;-)

3D said...

I love the 2 pics...she is mucho adorable!

Keep smilin!

Colleen said...

Sophie is just adorable!!!!! Even when she is crying LOL Yes I agree you have to take the good with the bad..lately we have had a bit more bad. But it has to get better right!

Beverly said...

who made that baby girl mad?

Rebecca said...

You are so funny!!!!! Thanks for the chuckles this afternoon. :)

Patti and Co. said...

I love the pictures!!! What did you do to my Sophie to make her so sad?

Julia said...

You are a good person to be able to see both the good and the bad. And... as for that math - well, I can't help my kid either.

missy said...

I just came across your blog and am so glad I did. Wow, is Sophie cute or what??

You are a hoot!