Saturday, January 16, 2010

What Will She Find....

Technology has made the world a very small place. Many of you who stop here to visit don't live in NC and have never met me IRL (in real life), yet I come to you for advice, post pics for you to see and share my thoughts. It is a small little world we live in.

When talking with some other Moms with girls from China we have had chats about what information they will be able to seek out on their own. G00gle is a powerful tool. You can have the computer in your family room friends, but when she is at a friends house or you are busy she will have access to the internet one way or the other. Here are a few links and images that I found thinking like a 13 year old.

For these links I just put in China Abandoned Girls and only looked at the first page.

An article about the dying rooms

BBC News

How Chinese Girls Come to be abandoned-A Research Article

Not including the numerous blogs that have posted

Thousands of images that will break your heart

This is just a small sampling of what is out there for our girls to find. I wanted to write this post because I think our adoption community is currently wrapped up in who is the "mommy". Most would agree....Mommy is the one that is going to have to explain abandonment and what that means.


t~ said...

Good topic. I think that is one reason that I just can't bring myself to paint the lovely image of abandonement with ladybugs and red threads. The images are real and make my heart fall out of my chest every time I see them. One day my girl will be able to google all the same thoughts that I have even regarding the legitimacy of her abandonement. That's why I choose to not sugar coat things that I just don't know.

Johnny said...

As a person with a slighty X-Y viewpoint, I wonder why there isn't the same debate "who is the Daddy"?

And if these same discussions were applied to "Daddy", do they get weaker? If so, why?

Just being a bomb-thrower, as usual.

Sandra said...

The images make my heart hurt. I agree with what T mentioned above...

The documentary and several blog posts that have been written about this topic have opened my eyes and I didn't even realize my eyes needed opening.

A Beautiful Mess said...
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Kudo said...

I feel so blessed to have a letter from the birth parents (I assume it was written by the father) that it was a money problem and they did not have enough money to pay for her medical expenses. If they did not abandon her, she would have died. In China you have to pay first to receive medical care. I can only imagine how they felt with their sick child and having to be turned away. In the letter they shared how much they needed a sum of $800 to save her life. How could they know this if they did not take her to the doctor? It could be about the one child policy they could have felt they should try again but I do feel in my heart they loved her enough to let her go. It’s not always the way the media makes it out to be. If you are going to just point a finger at the one child policy as the factor for abandonment I think you should point your finger at many of the government’s policies that show the lack of care for human life in China.