Sunday, January 24, 2010

Adoptee's rights

There are many powerful lines in this song. The one that struck me the most was....."I'm starting my life in Chapter 2"

Our children from China will not likely ever know their "roots". Maybe someday there maybe some kind of DNA data base for children who have been adopted to maybe be able to find their birth families....maybe.

Having said that I can't imagine knowing the information is out there and being denied access by the government. I get that it's a triad and the birth parents rights also need to be considered....but that should be some way to communicate, maybe between a liaison of some sort. Not all births are a result of an unwanted teenage pregnancy, unfortunately some are a result of violence. I do believe that adoptee's should have the right to seek information,and to have question answered if possible. It is a balance, but having the government say that one persons rights are more important than another's is not right.


t~ said...

Umm, wow.
Hadn't heard that. I loved the rappers words, "the truth will set us free." I know how much I ache for my girl to know her truth, I can only imagine how this will eat her up as well.
Powerful words. I wish I could give Eme her truth, the history that she will crave.

Kris said...

have you read "The Language of Blood"?
Get it.

just... well, you won't be able to put it down and it is POETICALLY written. hands down the best adult adoptee book i've read so far.