Sunday, January 31, 2010

A No Controversy Post

Yep that's right no controversy this week. Just a little update.

* I like to buy a book and provide a special snack for Sophie's class for Chinese holidays like the Moon Festival and Chinese New Year. Last year her class was small enough that I bought this for the class. This year the class was bigger so I went here and got this, this and this for her class. I got fortune cookies instead of almond cookies because I think there might be a kiddo with a nut allergy in her class ( I know they are not really Chinese...but kids LOVE them!) I also picked up a book for her class library. I hope her teacher and class enjoy the special book and treats!

* It snowed here yesterday to the tune of about 6-8 inches. Not a big deal in most parts of the country...but I will be lucky to get back to school by Wednesday. All three kids have had a blast playing in the snow. Personally I'm ready for spring!

* I went cotillion dress shopping with Hannah today. It is so hard to find any dresses for her that she likes and that fit her. She is so tall and skinny. The kids section is to "kiddish" for her and the juniors section dresses are too big.

* I need a girls weekend....baaaad! I need airline tickets to drop.

* Ben's X-b*x has died. Way too expensive to just replace. Way too much invested in games etc. not to find another one. His birthday is in February. Maybe his grandparents can kick in.

* Sophie is talking up a storm. Her vocabulary has exploded! She is using lots of "big" words and I'll be honest they sure sound funny coming out of her little mouth!

* There is nothing Sophie loves more than staying home with "my mom, my Hannah and my Ben" ( daddy always has to go to work)

Well thats it folks. Nothing exciting or controversial....this week.


Janet said...

I'm having the same hard time shopping for Sarah. She's right in-between. I don't know if you have the store there, but "Jacob" often has "petite sizes" that have nice, small waists.

t~ said...

That's a whole lot of snow for you all! Hope you enjoy your winter wonderland, sounds like Soph sure will!

Now go book a ticket!

p.s. My word verification is: reject *snort&

Pug Mama said...

a "no controversy post"???????
well, I'm leaving then................

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I love that sophie calls you "my mom, my hannah and my ben". Maddy does the same exact thing. When she speaks about Sarah... it's always "my sarah". :0)
Sucks about all that snow, in NC no less.. booo We are supposed to be getting a nice storm tonight, tomorrow and Saturday (about 6-8 inches plus ice)

ps. wanted to say thank you for your phone call the other day after my test. You kept my mind off of feeling like crap. I'm sooo very thankful for my friends!