Friday, October 9, 2009

When a Name is More than a Name

I am really enjoying my conversations exploring all the adoption stuff that I didn't talk about much during the wait.

Sophie's name is special in many ways. We chose Sophia really just because we liked it. Its a grown up name and Sophie is a cute little girls name. It worked and we all liked. Sophie's middle name is June. June was Chris' grandmothers' name. Hannah has my grandmothers name, Mae. So we have a Hannah Mae, and a Sophia June...Mae and June:) plus our family last name. We kept Sophie's Chinese name. We kept her name because in essence that is all she had when she came to us. Names bind us to our family, our nationality , to our history......I hope that Sophie feels that we were able to provide her with all those things when we chose her name as well as when we decided to keep her Chinese name. I love this book. I think it must sum up how an child who has been adopted must feel about "names".

Here are so more detailed post on how important a name can be for a child who was adopted here and here and here

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Sandra said...

Mae and June - that is great. I love it!

We kept both the girls' Chinese names for the very same reason you did.