Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The "Princess Mafia"

I admit to stealing the "Princess Mafia" tag from Maia. The picture above was taken from this site. Even when Hannah was little we didn't get sucked in to the D*sney Princess stuff. We went to the PARK when Hannah was in first grade and she was more interested in M*ckey Mouse than the mafia. We did go to the castle for breakfast and all the girls where there except for the girl who is "supposed" to live there! Fine with us, we were more disappointed that M*lan wasn't included in the characters joining us for breakfast.... Apparently she isn't "princess" material. Figures since long before our journey to China began M*lan was the d*sney character Hannah and I liked most!

Lots of girls like to dress up ( Hannah always did and Soph is now starting to enjoy the dress up box).....to many it is just part of the gig of being a kid. Our dress up box has fancy dresses to pirate hats. Pretending to be a princess or a pirate for that matter is an important part of child play, but I really do have to question the marketing push of the princess mafia. They are everywhere...and lets be honest the marketing is cheesy. Pink sweatsuits with the mafia on the back. There are cuter outfits out there!

I am not anti-princess. I guess I am anti-D*sney Princess. I know that there are better Princess characters out there for our girls to pretend to be and admire.


Leah and Jake said...

Yes! My daughter, Emma, has no idea who they are and I hope to keep it that way as long as possible.

Emma loves dress up, but her dress up clothes are a lot like yours. She has tutus, construction worker hats and scarfs.

Lindsay said...

I prefer to think of Snow White as a young lady who over comes difficult home circumstances to build a happy life for herself surrounded by friends and love. And who doesn't lett bitterness or a desire for revenge sour her life :)

It's all about Princesses and Hello Kitty at the moment. Hannah's a huge fan - especially of Snow White and loves to dress up like her. She loves the Grimm fairy story of it - though I don't like the 'cut her heart out' bit. Still, they were the Grimm tales after all. After that, being saved by a kiss (love I prefer to think rather than her sexuality!) is quite mild. After all it is the dwarves love for her that keeps them taking care of her, even in death :) We even went to see Snow White at the ballet this weekend.

Now Barbie - she will never step one plastic toe into our house!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm with you, although the Tongginator is not. She is obsessed with all things Disney Princess, even though she's only seen two of the movies and we own zilch of the crud... well, except for a Princess dress a neighbor passed along and a Mulan doll. But otherwise... (heh - it's difficult when one's daughter is obsessed even when you aren't).

I've always loved the books "The Paper Bag Princess" and "Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?"

simply t said...

I have no idea about the princess stuff...considering I've only done the boy thing. I do know that if Eme takes a liking to the whole mafia, then it's gonna have to be on her own because I don't see my boys introducing it to her;0)