Saturday, October 3, 2009


What to celebrate how to celebrate....these were the some of the things that Chris and I talked about before bringing Sophie home. We decided to integrate the Mid Autumn festival and Chinese New Year in to our family celebrations. We are not going to pretend that we celebrate these festivals accurately but we bring bits and pieces in to our family traditions. So along with hiding Easter Baskets (Chris' family tradition) , leaving out wooden shoes for St.Nicholas (my family tradition) and celebrating Mid Autumn festival and CNY we are a family with lots of celebrations all year long!!

Sophie brought mooncakes and a moon festival book to school today to share with her friends. We made this recipe below and added some powdered sugar for added fun:)

Easy Mooncakes

1. 1 Can Pillsbury "Grand rounds" refrigerated biscuits
2. Strawberry preserves (do not use jelly)
3. 1 egg

Here is what to do:
1. Wash your hands

2. Open and separate biscuits.

3. Working on a floured surface, press the biscuits flat into 3 inch circles, leaving the middle a little thicker then the edges.

4. Put a teaspoon of preserves into the center of each biscuit.

5. Pull the edges up over the filling and squeeze them together to seal. Make sure they're well sealed or the filling will leak out!

6. Roll the biscuits into balls and put them 2 inches apart on a greased baking sheet with the crimped side down.

7. Flatten them down gently with your hand until they're about 1/2 inch thick.

8. Beat the egg with one tablespoon water, just until it is mixed. ( I left this off due to a friend in Soph's class having a egg allergy)

9 Brush the mooncakes with the egg mixture.

10. Bake as directed on the package or until golden brown.

11. Put on racks to cool when done.

12. When cooled toss mooncakes in a gallon ziplock bag with some powdered sugar.


Susan said...

i love it that the first step is "wash your hands"! how cute and teachery. :)

Kudo said...

Wash your hands you are such a teacher :)

We could have used this recipe yesterday we went to a Moon Festival in Reno NV and it snowed just like Ho-Ho we did not get to see the moon and they bought moon cake and they were not very good. They also had cupcakes and Annalise thought she was eating a moon cake. I guess you can call it American style moon cakes. I like yours better and will try then.

The Gang's Momma said...

Thanks for sharing this. We're still working through the conversations about what to celebrate, how to celebrate, and so on. We gave ourselves permission to take this year to focus more on the attaching and settling in. So now the pressure is in to finalize the conversation :) This looks like a recipe I can wrap my brain around while we figure ourselves out :)

Colleen said...

Love your celebrations, and that you included this. I totally screwed up this year on this. I should have done just what you did for H... oh well...

Thanks for the easy recipe.