Thursday, October 8, 2009

Great Find!

There is a whole lotta blogs out there! My husband has bloglines with a ton of travel, expats blogs, and finance blogs. This week a came across a couple of adoption blogs that take a good, sometimes critical look at adoption, adoption parenting etc. The tough stuff that "waiting" blogs tend not to address. These ladies are discussing some important, not often discussed topics. I don't necessarily agree with all the opinions shared, but they sure do get you thinking!

(Update: Fixed my typos. was an early morning post:)

Go visit Malinda

O Solo Mama

They both have tons of links to other blogs and resources. Good stuff


Sandra said...

Thanks for sharing!
I love blogs that are more than just "fluff"...

3D said...

Those are faves of mine!

Keep smilin!

simply t said...

I've been all over Malindas lately and I like it, I'll have to try the other one.

Colleen said...

Thanks for the blogs I will check them out!!!! : )