Monday, October 12, 2009

Calling All Fashionista's!

Check out Miss Vivi Jo
! The girl has mad style!! Her mom,Kim, Vivi jo's "stylist" is having a give away on her blog. Kim will be giving away a custom made dress from this etsy artist. So scoot on over and check out Miss Vivi Jo's fashions and enter to watch me win this cute dress for Sophie:) While you are drooling over the super cuteness of Vivi Jo I should warn you that she has a super cute little brother Max who will just melt your heart! Max is one cute little guy who is also one of Sophie's Datong brothers! Max met his family about a week after we met Sophie. Maybe we will have some more Datong luck and Sophie will win a new dress!!!


Kris said...

heard about this on one of my good friend's blogs and showed my sis the link, and she bought ellis a dress!! crazy aunt. she goes insane buying... but i must say i'm pretty thrilled :O)

Susan said...


I am definitely in on this little giveaway.
I have been thinking about doing one myself...i just have to get creative on it. :)
take care,

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I LOVE Max and ViviJo! Kim came up to me in China during our swearing in ceremony and said.. 'Hi, you're Buckeyes and Eggrolls, right?!". How cool was that.
Sophie would look so awesome in that cute dress!