Saturday, May 2, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week May 4th-8th

I am posting this because I received a note letting me know that teacher appreciation week was just around the corner ( funny because as a teacher I had no idea:) Anyway they (teachers at Sophie's school or the parent association) are asking for students to bring in certain items each day. Of course participation is voluntary. And I should also note that I L-O-V-E Sophie's teachers and was thinking about what to pick them up as a little thank you. I happen to give gift giving quite a bit of thought. No gift cards from this girl. One of my pet peeves is when (a) people tell me what to buy their kid for their birthday. Just for telling me..... I will not be picking that up. I have never received a "gift list" with a birthday invite but I have seen them and that would pretty much guarantee that I would be making a charitable donation in your kids name. Someone somewhere has lost their mind when they thought that was a good idea. Or (b) when people ask me what to get my kids, husband etc. as a gift. If you don't know us well enough to come up with something that we might enjoy, I for one think you are off the hook for picking up a gift !

For the record I inherited my gift giving "gift" from my mother. You can mention in July that you saw something and just loved and she will remember and it will be under the Christmas tree in December. Gifts should be thoughtful and something that you believe the person receiving the gift would enjoy....not something off some stinkin' list!

( * only exception to the list rule would be a bridal or baby registry*)


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

You crack me up.! I hate having to think of something for myself as gifts. I just usually say,. "I don't need anything". which of course is true.. I dont' "need" anything but there are LOTS of things that are so totally me! : 0)

HuluMama said...

I absolutely love it when someone pays that much attention to gift giving.

Two of my favorite teacher appreciation gifts were a poem a student chose for me and a rose made of ribbon. Both students put so much time into choosing/making the perfect gift. SOOOOO much better than a gift card.

Susan said...

Tell it Maryellen!
This is so right.

Colleen said...

They are having a big luncheon for the teachers at Livi's school. I have so much respect for teachers I love that there is a Teacher appreciation day,...or days : )
I pay attention to what people talk about during the year. I love to give from my heart and try to be creative. I do find myself asking what some of the boys want in Livi's class when she goes to their parties. One I don't know them at all and two I have not had a little boy in my house for a long time : ) I have never gotten a gift list in an invitation : 0 Wow how rude!

A Beautiful Mess said...

I get invited to kids parties that I have no idea what they would like so I will ask the mom or munchkin the kinds of things they like to do....the teacher appreciation letter telling me what to send just rubbed me the wrong way and comes on the heels of someone inviting us to a birthday party and telling us what to buy the birthday boy ( who I know well enough to come up with something, never mind that the parent said "he wants money because he wants to buy xyz." my thought was "is their a cover charge to come to the party???")



the pool etc. is looking great!!