Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 2 of the couch to 5k running plan

Here is a news sucked. I am still sore from Wednesday's run. Scary how the only shape I am is round. But now that it is done, I feel great:) This is what I have learned on the 2nd day of the "plan"

  • Eye opening how out of shape I truly am. Shameful and unhealthy to say the least.
  • Pushing a 30lb toddler in a stroller adds a entire new level of difficulty to this plan.
  • Jogging strollers suck
  • The "BoB" stroller is supposed to be fantastic.
  • I would like to exercise with no children so I will not be buying the Bob. ( I would also like to pee without any kids bugging me, but if I am forced to choose......I choose running with no children)
  • One minute never seemed as long as it does when that is how long I have to run.
  • Two minutes flies by when that is the amount of time I get to walk.
  • I added jumping jacks (doubles and regular) and sit-ups to the end of the plan.
  • This will be easier to do in the morning once school is out ( I would still like to run when I am in Ohio in a couple weeks)
  • I can do this


Colleen said...

YOU CAN DO THIS!! I am so proud of you. I really want to start something on Monday... trying to pull it together to see when I can fit in the time. I will somehow.

masonsmommy said...

I am planning on starting my own walking plan in the mornings once school is out. I will also be pushing a toddler around. Wonder if the fact that he is only 23 pounds will make any difference. Wishful thinking I am sure. I am in the market for a good stroller. What is the "BoB" stroller you are talking about?

HuluMama said...

You can do this! It sucks though doesn't it? I'm not brave enough to run in public yet so have been on the treadmill at the gym

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

YOU CAN DO IT!! (think Tony Little when you say this to yourself)

I'm sure you'll find plenty of time to run while you are visiting Ohio. You'll have plenty of Ohio Aunties to watch the sweet one :0)


Polar Bear said...

I'm so impressed! My sister-in-law did the Couch to 5K program. She was never a runner before. She really enjoyed it - after the first month. Now she has run several 5K. :-)

You'll be pushing that stroller in a 5K in no time!

laurie said...

Thanks for sharing the plan. I think I'm going to start in one week when I'm out of school. BTW, my sister has a Bob and it really is the bomb, I won't even consider any other stroller.

Special K said...

As you're running by... Soph and I will wave to you from the front porch while we eat our ice cream. LOL!

Michelle said...

Hi Maryellen - I am a friend of Sandra's. I followed the couch to 5k when I began running and I have now done 4 marathons. YOU CAN DO IT. I was the girl who hated to sweat...this program make is easier for me to build up to the 5k.

simply t said...

One piece of advice:

GET THE BOB! You won't regret it or the price tag.

Still chuckling over removing Maroon 5 from your ipod.