Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bullets Baby

Some of this and some of that....

  • Went to a purse fundraiser today for education.....women+purses=madness and lots of cash for ACES. The handbags were new and gently used. Some designer labels ( I got Hannah her first coach
  • Rough week at school. Makes me wonder how she is doing as the year winds down. Working with emotionally disabled children is exhausting. Those who are called to work with this population of children should have free drink cards for every Friday night! My student kicked in a window this week, and I think I did something to my hand during the million times she had to be restrained these past few weeks.
  • How cute are these??? Gaaaaw I love etsy!
  • Looks like Friday was a big TA day....and no I am not talking about her running around in a bikini when she got her call!!
  • FB is addicting.
  • I can't wait for summer.
  • I am hoping to have some visitors this summer.
  • Sunday I will be joining the world of texting. I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.
  • Met up with some girls from our "travel" group...had we stayed NSN. We have fun and chatted.
  • I love IKEA. There kids stuff is so nice and inexpensive. Hannah said " mom, this is what I want my apartment in college to look like....clean and contemporary lines...." Yeah, no more HGTV for Hannah.
  • Sophie is still in our room.
  • Sophie still has ZERO interest in not wearing a diaper.
  • Sophie had a speech screening this week. She is about 6 months behind. We will re-screen her in the fall since she is in the midst of a language "boom".
  • Ben made the all-star lacrosse team. He will be busy busy the entire month of June playing baseball and lacrosse!


Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

You are one busy momma.. LOVE those Momisness cards.. (ok.. dorky work I know)

Maddy is still about 6 months behind but she is catching up by leaps and bounds in the language department I think.

Had to laugh that hannah is thinking college already. I bet Ben is still just living day to day. Congrats to him on the lacrosse team!

Looking forward to your visit to Ohio. Hope we can get together.

I need to join the texting group. I have that capability (as you may remember from when I texted you a while back) but just not in the texting clan. :0)

~K said...

Ohhh Hannah... don't be in a rush to grow up... but a girl after my own heart, clean lines....HA! Love me some HGTV!!

You've been busy Mare. Your post below was great... I wish that people read it and know that what is available is ALL GOOD. People get thrown by the thought of Sp. Ed. They need to know that services are there for a good reason and anything that will improve the well being of your child is a great advantage. I hope Soph's language burst happens in leaps and bounds!

Thanks for always thinking of me. I am going to try to put an update post together tonight. This has been a rough year... probably the most challenging of the last 10. Which is why I haven't written much this year about it at all... Some things are just better not said!

Susan said...


I love your bullet entries.
Esp. when you put little links in.
I would like and entry in which you explain how to shop on etsy.
I go there and it is just seems so endless that i get overwhelmed.
Do you go to etsy with a purpose? Or do you go browsing? just curious. :)

~K said...

And ps... TEXTING... couldn't live without it. :~)

I've never been a phone person... actually can't stand to talk on the phone... so texting is now my main form of communication. It saves more time in my day than I could ever have imagined!! and it is a VERY effective way to be in constant communication with my boss... no more trying to track her down in an emergency... we text-communicate all day long. It has become a life-saver this year!

HuluMama said...

I'm inviting myself over for texting lessons!

Headmeister said...

Just stopping by real quick to wish you a Happy Mothers Day :)

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

YAY! So glad that you are joining the text world!!!!!! And man I miss Hannah, that is just hilarious about her plans for the college apt! I know you are counting down the days until summer, don't blame you ONE bit! Happy Mother's Day babe!

Colleen said...

I wanted to pop in to say I hope you had an awesome Mother's Day!!!!!!! Congrats to your son on making the all-star lacrosse team. I love watching my son play lacrosse. Such a fun sport.
Sounds like you are very busy!!!!

Special K said...

PINK Coach?? Perfect choice!

Congrats on the lacrosse team.

I texted u over the weekend and got NOTHING from u... even when u responded to Colleen who was standing right next to me. WTF?