Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Couch to a 5k Running Plan

I have started to run. This has been a stressful year at school. For me Stress=Multiple handfuls of Chips. I usually get home from work around 4:30, some days earlier some days later. On stress filled days the snacking begins around 4:35:) This year everyday seems to have been a stress filled day!

About 3 years ago I lost around 40lbs, but I have gained 20lbs of it back. The key to me losing the weight was not being in the house during the time I liked to snack, so I scheduled my workouts during my usual pig-outs! So it is back to the old plan.....and hopefully my old shorts!

I am not a real lover of exercise. Can't I just be a size six and not move off the couch???? Anyway in order for me to get moving I need music. This is what I put on my ipod to start my new running plan.

Best of You-Foo Fighters
Boom Boom Pow- Black Eyed Peas
Sexy Back-Justin
Suddenly I see- KT Turstall
Harder To Breathe- Maroon 5 ( that is my sick sense of humor kicking my ass about half way through my run)
Sexy Can I- Ray J ( naughty song- found on Ben's play list. I need to talk to him about this one)
Umbrella- Rihanna
Shine- Collective Soul
I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
Everything -Michael Buble

Pretty eclectic mix-the last 2 songs are part of my warm down.

I found this plan
and did the first day today. It sucked:) No seriously I thought is was a wimpy start...but I was tired and sweaty by the time I walked up the driveway. I did the workout for 20 minutes but wasn't home yet, so I did a brisk walk the rest of the way home. I also found out that my ipod has a stop watch. I used the stop watch to help me follow the plan.

Why don't you join me!!


3D said... arse needs that but my willpower is weak and I just don't feel like it...gotta get my stuff together.

Keep smilin!

~K said...

You should add "Home" by Michael Buble just for giggles on the last leg of your run!!!

Gotta run I hear the ice cream man down the block... Does that count? HA!

HuluMama said...

I'm in!!! I actually started it last week. Man am I out of shape!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

ok.. i have NEVER been a runner but I'm in for exercise and losing weight. I too am a stress muncher between 5 - 6:30. (when I get home from work and am fixing dinner) Crap, by the time it's time to eat, I really shouldn't be hungry because I've already had my calories. What do you do with Soph when you are working on your plan? I have a hard time finding time to exercise because I dont' know what to do with Maddy during that time.

Love your list for the ipod. I might have to add a few of those to my list and perhaps I'll post my list too. :0)

sandra said...

We have some similar songs on our I-pods!
You should add "Hot cold" by Katy Perry - that one really gets me going!

Lynn said...

I'm in chick! Today is my day 1, raining again so I will be on my treddy!

Polar Bear said...

I don't run ~ hate to run, but I'll join in. For me it will be walking and pool time. :)

Love your iPod mix. I recently add Right Round by Flo Rida. That is a fun song.

It's funny, my snack time is the same time. I don't have that problem during the summer though. Think there is any correlation to school? Nooooo.... ;o)