Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 3 off the Couch

* googled image...that is not me:)*

I forgot to mention two things about day 2. While I was pushing Sophie (the future biggest loser trainer) she kept yelling "faster mommy, faster!!" She redeemed herself when we were almost home, by singing "I'm yours" while listening to the song on my ipod. Good thing she is cute:)

I was not sore after the second day of the plan, so don't give up because you can't move after the first day. Secondly today was by far the easiest day. Things I have learned or changed so far;

  • I had to get rid of the maroon five song " harder to breathe" apparently I am very susceptible to the message in the chorus.
  • I have a hard time pacing myself during the run. I tend to run to fast....getting tired faster.
  • I am paying more attention to my breathing and core which allows me to pay more attention to have fast or slow I am running.
  • I like that I added the sit-ups and push-ups at the end of my run.
  • Running by myself is a gift.
  • I am thinking if I look at it that way I will be less likely to give up.
  • I put my bathing suit on for the first time yesterday and headed to the pool.
  • I admire the ladies out there who are comfortable with their bodies.
  • I am running to get healthier not just thinner....the truth is if I were skinny I would not be running.
  • The last time I committed myself to seriously exercising I didn't like my life/husband much.
  • This time I love my life and can't imagine my life without Chris by my side.
  • I think I like running.


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I sooo need to try this..
But not sure how to do it.. I guess but my mind to it..
Can you do this on a tread mill.. or only outside...
It is crazy hot here....
You are encouraging me.. I have been getting on my treadmill.. but don't know how to run..

Colleen said...

Good for you Mare!! I bought the WII active today and am going to try that in combo with walking/running in the A.M with the dog... scared... I am so out of shape.

Keep going girl. You are an inspiration.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

You are totally an inspiration! I have never been one for exercising..(obviously :0( ) I find it very boring and just can't seem to find something I like enough to stay with it.
Sounds like this brings joy to your mind/body/soul!!

HuluMama said...

I'm going to running in a Nog run tonight. It'll be the first time running off the treadmill.

RamblingMother said...

I used to really enjoy running. I keep telling myself maybe one day!