Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Craziness

Christmas even cookie making
Christmas 2009 was fantastic. As Ben and Hannah get older it gets harder and more expensive to find them something for Christmas. This year I was able to score a Bl@ck Friday netbook for Hannah which she luuuurvs and was totally surprised, and a l@ptop for Ben. Chris has also entered the realm of "good gracious does he really need another shirt or sweater???" so he got a new computer too! It is official I have the crappiest computer in the house:) Guess I know what I will be getting next year! Santa brought Sophie lots of stickers,paper, crayons and puzzles. She was so cute in the morning ( and I am happy to report that she slept until 8:00) . She went to get Chris out of bed and told him " wake up daddy Santa was here!" in just the cutest sweet little voice! After she opened up the gifts in her stocking she thought that was it! When I told her that Santa left her more presents under the tree she looked confused.....but quickly got over it and was ripping through gifts like a pro! Another Christmas bonus this year was that my Mom was here to celebrate with us and witness all the craziness that makes the holiday fun at our house!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas.. I totally understand about the older they get..
It gets way harder and ALOT more expensive..
Have a great weekend and a memorable moment with your Mother..
Merry Christmas..

Janet said...

It DOES sound like a great Christmas! I got a netbook too....:-)

Polar Bear said...

Looks like such a great Christmas!

I must admit I have no idea what a netbook is, but it sounds cool!

Happy New Year!!