Friday, November 13, 2009

16 Fun Filled Years -11/12/1993

I should add with a few sucky months thrown in to keep it "real":) I added the year so as you were laughing hysterically at the sheer volume of my up do you could take in to consideration that it was 1993 in Western Massachusetts....which really means it was closer to the fabulous 80's. Check out Chris weighing more than he does now and with hair! I am going to throw in some bullets because I am exhausted and I don't want to worry about grammar etc.

  • Chris and I actually have 2 anniversaries. We got married by the JP on July 15, 1993 so I could add Chris to my insurance. He was just starting his company and was diagnosed with caratus conos (I wrote that phonetically cuz I have no idea how to spell it)
  • When I told my Dad that we were going to be getting married sooner because of Chris' diagnosis. His response..." You are marrying an unemployed blind guy??? Do you want a seeing eye dog for a wedding gift??" It still makes me laugh. Not nice. But funny all the same.
  • Our first wedding was a secret. Only our parents and siblings knew.
  • This was probably a good thing because I was nice and calm the day of our wedding in November.
  • Our family needed something to celebrate. My maternal grandfather passed away at the beginning of the week right before our wedding.
  • That made things insane for my Mom. She doesn't really remember much about our wedding.
  • Lots of people I know that have been married around the same amount of time Chris and I have been married are divorcing or separating....freaks me out a little. I want to shake them and remind them that there was a time that they thought their spouse hung the moon......
  • I don't know anyone married more than 10 years that hasn't had some sucky marital months to work included.

Chris and I are heading out for some Thai food tonight. No kids. Just some yummy food , beer and uninterrupted conversation. I love this man dearly. He is the my perfect match. He loves me and he makes me laugh every day....he is my dream.


~K said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

This post made me smile. You two are peas in a pod... I thought that exact thought when he was driving me to the airport last month. He is so like you, and I felt like I had known him before. Like you, he has an easiness and openness that makes you feel comfortable from the get-go.

No true relationship is easy... you would never grow without.

I wish you many more years of happiness together. Have a great evening my friends :o)

3D said...

Happy Anniversary!

Keep smilin!

simply t said...

My gawd, look at all his hair... tsk tsk! & your whole look is a classic 1993 wedding look....I have proof:)
I think that 16 years is enough proof that you two are perfect for each other! I agree with everything K~ said. Happy anniversary my dear!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Happy Anniversary! And yep - married almost 11 years and we've definitely had some tough moments tucked in there. Wishing y'all many more years of happiness.

Sandra said...

Happy anniversary! You look better now than you did on your wedding day ;-)

Susan said...

Happy Anniversary, Maryellen!
I love to see peoples' wedding fotos!
So fresh, and young...and not ravaged {seasoned} by parenthood. ;).

The Gang's Momma said...

Happy Anniversary! I love your bullet points - it's the hard times scattered in and throughout the happy years that make us APPRECIATE the happy years for what they truly and fully mean. Great perspective :)

Polar Bear said...

Congratulations! Your wedding picture is wonderful!!

What a story you have!

Laurie said...

Cute pic! I was married in 1994 and my hair is so big my headpiece isn't visible in most of the pictures. In fact, it looks to be very similar to yours

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Happy Belated Anniversary! You both look Mahvelous!! (then and now) I think it's great to have been together for 16 years. While I don't mention it to many.. I'm often saddened when my first anniversary date rolls around because I threw in the towel on a 20 year relationship. (15 years married, 5 years dating) You are right though, everyone has some bumps in the road of life/marriage and if they say the don't... they are not telling the truth.!

Here's to many more years together!!

Wanda said...

Happy Anniversary.

I love the way you speak about your man. Does he know how lucky he is too?

Kayce said...

Happy Anniversary!! Hope your dinner was yummy!! Here's to MANY more years ahead!!

Kris said...

well, shaking them and reminding them that their spouses once hung the moon is really oversimplifying the complexities of deciding to divorce- it was and will remain the most painful thing i've ever been through, and for the ex- seems my best friend hung the moon more than me :O)

anyway. happiest of anniversaries to you... you both look smashing in the photo, 1993 considered and all~!! i hope i can say happy 16th to my future husband one day :O)

Kudo said...

Happy Anniversary Commitment is forever!