Monday, July 20, 2009

New Grand Prize Added!

A new grand prize has been added! Check it out! Just Click on Ellis and she will bring you right where you need to go! If you are the grand prize winner you will have a choice of grand prizes!! Very Cool!

Shhhh......can you hear that???? I think I can hear your quilt squares calling from the plastic box you have them stored in!! The lady who made Sophie's quilt and I are trying to help bring Ellis home. As of right now the bidding to have Robin make your 100 wishes quilt is up to $85....still much less than what I paid Robin to make Sophie's quilt. Head over to here and bid bid bid!!


Kris said...

omg mareyellen... you are SO incredible. thank you so so much for shouting out to me over and over- you've no idea how much this means to us. xoxoxoxoxo

PIPO said...

Groovy....I'm in the running :0)