Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July Already!

  • I can't believe that W@lmart has started putting out back to school supplies....I am NOT ready for that thank-you-very-much!
  • I went looking for a little dance or gymnastic class for Sophie. Classes start at $40 a month for dance, $50 -$70 for gymnastics a month. Seriously??? She is three years old!!!
  • I should find out next week where I will be teaching. I hope this move doesn't bite me in the a$$.
  • I usually make the kids doctor and dentist appointments in the summer so I don't take a day off from work.....I am sick of going to the doctors and dentist during summer vacation.
  • I am back on the couch. I need to start running again, I will have to start over. Sucks.
  • Sophie is doing great. We were having some really good luck with sleep, but apparently that is over and she is back to waking up couple times during the night.
  • Sophie is wearing big girl panties! I would like to say it is a done deal but she is still having accidents. She does not like for me to "try" to be the boss of her peepee's.
  • Rent Revolutionary Road. Great movie.
  • Red B*x movie rentals rock. You can't beat a movie rental for a buck!!

Hope everyone is having a great summer!


Carol said...

I have to find a class for Em, she is always doing flips off the couch..guess she is trying to tell me something.......LOL

Kayce said...

I can't believe it's July either! We go back to school in 4 very short weeks...ugggggg!

The Gang's Momma said...

Back to school already?!! UGH! I really gotta get to Target or Walmart and pick up some bathing suits for LadyBug and I - guess it's a good thing I waited. Can we say CLEARANCE?!

Special K said...

July already?
Well at least I'm closer to my kid, right? LOL!

Joy said...

I started your running plan about a week after your post. I was doing great for the first three weeks. I was so proud of me;) Then,
I went to camp with my boys and that was it. Stopped and haven't started back. HATE.THAT.
I am trying to get motivated to start again. Could you post something that would guilt me into starting over? Thanks:)


Catherine said...

Where does the time go? Thanks for the updates on your fam.

Exercise routine = TOUGH!!! Not doing anything here either and the scale is showing it. UGH!!

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I agree that seeing the school stuff out already totally BITES.. and I don't have anyone in school anymore (or for a little while anyway).

Woohoo for Sophie being in Big Girl panties! :0)

We've just tried the Red Box movie thing this week.. saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic" last night.. very funny.

Have a GREAT weekend!

Lindsay said...

Aren't they funny how bossy they get on the toilet issue? Toddler control freaks!

We had a nightmare time the last few months with getting to, and staying, asleep. Finally found some strategies that are working for now and she is sleeping soundly plus taking good naps. Catching up I guess. Hope Sophie and you find your answer soon and your girl relaxes and sleeps thru.