Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break Bullets

  • This is late for spring break for us here in NC. But I am soooo glad that it is finally here!!
  • It was the longest four days of school ever !
  • Not going anywhere....hoping to get Sophie potty trained this week.
  • Facebook makes me a lazy blogger.
  • I plan on revisiting my chip in button post some time this week.
  • Apparently I say what she is thinking.
  • I am going to get a new phone so I can no longer be the dork in the posse that is not texting.
  • I made Sophie an appointment for a speech screening. The day that I did, she turned to me while I was cutting her nails and said, "Mom, how do you do that?"
  • She makes me feel needed....well at least when it comes to visa applications.
  • And last and certainly not least Happy Birthday Colleen !

Well I am off to get some Easter goodies for the kids....if there are any left at T*rget.


simply t said...

I need you for more than visa's!

Let's do talk about that chip in button.... ;0)

Enjoy your spring break...ours is over.

HuluMama said...

Now I thought I was the only person left in the world who didn't/couldn't text!

Would love to know what phone is good and then I think I need some lessons in how to text!

Special K said...

Halleluyer! Go get a texting phone already.... I got stuff to say to you that could so easily be done in a few sentences here and there throughout the day. LOL!

Can't wait to see Sophie and find out how much she's talking and growing. Looking forward to June.

Don't even get me started on that damn button again. :P

Colleen said...

Yea.. Why don't you have a texting phone?? Do get an Iphone. They are quite sassy!

Thanks for the bday wishes. Another one come and gone....

Smooches - enjoy your Easter.