Saturday, January 8, 2011

Part 2 of "More or Less"

I posted the previous post/question on f@acebo*k and got lots of replies. Many saying their kiddo was a mix of both....but most were consistent with the emotional/independence levels were lower than same age peers. Part of Soph's lack of maturity I chalked up to being the youngest in our house and having 4 big people around her to help, talk to etc. and I am sure that is part of it, but I also think that her tramau and loss are another (if subconscious) part of her emotional maturity. Sophie often pushes for independence typical of a kid her age " I can do it!" "Don't help me!" but on the other hand she often wants to sit on my lap at dinner to eat, have me carry her ( she is getting heavy and I am getting old!!) I admit that when she lays on the bed our couch and waves her arms and makes baby sounds it annoys me. I am not sure how to react to her wanting to be a baby. Do I tell her I want me big girl? I am all done with babies? Let her be a baby? (which I sometimes do, but usually I try to redirect that baby behavior by reading a book or engaging her is some play. I am guessing she is acting like a baby because I have been busy and she needs some attention from me).

Sleep has definitely improved. I can snuggle her for a few minutes and say good night and leave the room while she is still awake. We just go rid of pull-*ps due to miss lazy peeing in them while she is awake! I am still going in at 11:00 and putting her on the potty. Most nights she is sleeping the entire night and waking up dry.

She is academically ready for kindergarten. We will see how well she does with the "demands" of kindergarten. Soph turns 5 in May and believe me I have considered not sending her to kindergarten since she is likely to be among the youngest kids in her class. My fear is that she started pre-school with many kindergarten skills already in place ( letter recognition, letter sounds, concepts of print, writing letters, drawing pics with details, number recognition, basic number sense to 10 etc.) and if I held her back behavior would become a BIGGER issue than it is now plus the maturity piece would also be set Soph will be heading to kindergarten next year. Good news is that she will be coming to the school where I teach:) I won't see her much since I am rarely on the k-2 hallway, but it will be nice to have her there.

Thanks for all your is good to know the spectrum for our kiddos.

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The Gang's Momma! said...

Popping by after reading about five of your posts at once... So glad to hear that the surgery date actually works out for you to home with her more than less... She'll certainly enjoy soaking in all that Mommy time, won't she?

I'm with ya on the whole Kindergarten conversation - our district cut-off is Sept. 15, Li'l E has a mid-August b'day... I'm hoping that our pre-school actually has a Kindergarten program... I might do K there and then evaluate for 1st grade. Good stuff to think about, particularly from this post.