Monday, November 15, 2010

All in one day

Do you remember the first Who0pie G0ldberg one woman show??? There is a part in the show where is she portrays a young girl wanting long beautiful hair like the dolls she sees and plays with (This was a commentary about what is "considered beautiful") During this part of her performance Wh0opie has a nightgown on her head. Remember??? Well anyway yesterday Sophie walked into the kitchen with with her dress over her hair just like Who0pie telling me " look mama at my beautiful white hair....don't I look like a princess?" Gaaaaw I hate those damn princesses. So I told her that I liked the princesses with the beautiful brown and black hair....which of course she said "noooo I like the princesses with the white hair...." ***UGH***

Later on we headed over to the park to play. It was a beautiful day and the park was packed. Sophie was running around and going down this one slide. An older boy was sitting at the top of the slide and I can see Sophie telling him to go and then sitting down behind him, where she proceeds to try to get him to go with a little push with her feet. Once she gets down the slide I call her over and tell her that she is not allowed to push or "help" someone go down the slide. She runs off to go down the slide again. This time the boys brother, I think his twin, cuts in front of Sophie so he can go down the slide before her.....his mom is yelling that it is time to leave. The little boy shoots down the slide then turns and says...."HA! YOU STUPID CHINESE!!" Yep that is what he yelled at my daughter. I started to get up, but his mother was right there and walloped him in the head and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the park. She knew I was sitting right behind her.....but she might have wacked him even if I wasn't sitting there, who knows. Sophie didn't hear what he said and kept on laughing and playing....thank goodness. But the time is going to come and someone is going to say something hurtful and nasty just because of how she looks or where she is from.

Is it bad for me to teach her to tell people to" kiss her Ch*nese A$$"


Lindsay said...

I've had the same thing with Hannah over hair. Why does she think blonde is better when there is not a single blonde in our family? Oi.

And OMG that comment from the boy. Where do they learn it at such a young age? So horrible. I'm so glad your Sophie didn't hear it. I almost think the fact he called her 'stupid' is worse, because clearly he was trying to be mean. Mentioning the fact she is Chinese could be much more down to him, as a child, picking the most obvious thing about her appearance to mention (like commenting on glasses, red hair, body weight etc.) What a shame his mother didn't see fit to make him come apologise to you for his words - that would have been a lot more helpful that hitting him.

Moore, Moore, Moore! said...

Oh Gollnick, that just plain stinks....I know my day is coming when someone says something derogative to Gabriel about being black or his daddy being black etc...and I really haven't figured out how I am going to handle it. Probably will lock myself in the bathroom and just cry it out to begin with. I cannot stand the thought of someone's mean ignorant comments hurting his precious feelings. And of course I am already thinking about the princess hair issue with Elizabeth, who knows what her hair is going to be like?

HAHA, I think it is perfectly acceptable to teach Sophie to say that, wouldn't expect anything less from a child of yours! MISS YOU! MISS YOU! MISS YOU! Please keep writing, I like your blogs better than the little tidbits I get from Fa&%book!

Janet said...

I don't even know what to say. How could he? Oh....I'm so glad she didn't hear. But as you said, one day she will.

Adam keeps being told by a kid at church that he is "African". OVER and OVER again. I told the kid that it wasn't nice to keep saying that, and I did it right in front of his mother. Hopefully, it will stop before I have to duct tape his mouth shut.

kitchu said...

kids can be so cruel.

and it can't be wrong to teach your child to say that, because i am thinking i'll be doing the same.

The Gang's Momma! said...

LOL - reminds me of your quip "you being snarky is me being nice ..." - I don't know that I would have done anything different than you did. But look at it this way, if she walloped him in the head right there in public, it might be a touch of a clue as to where his words came from. I've always thought that smacking a kid in the head/face/etc. IN PUBLIC no less is utterly disrespectful. Maybe he is seeing terrible disrespect at home and so now he's living it out with his peers. No excuse and I'm with the others that I'm glad Sophie didn't hear.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

I will tell you that you might not have to teach Sophie to say that.. just wait until she turns 5.. Maddy's got some MAJOR attitude going on now that she is 5. Seriously! I'm bad because on one hand, it's kind of funny being that she has always been so nice and polite. On the other hand, I hope she keeps a little of it so she can deal with mean, nasty children like that little boy in the future because like you, I know it's going to come sooner or later. :0(