Friday, September 4, 2009

Buckshot (title stolen from Pipo)

Since this post is going to be all over the place I decided to steal a title from Pipo...I know she won't mind:)

  • School is going well. It is stressfull ,so much to do and so little time.
  • Sophie is doing GREAT! The first few days of pre-school drop off were difficult for her and daddy, but each day it got better. She only cried the first three days. I would say that was "typical" three year old transition behavior.
  • The only side effect I noticed last week was Sophie trying to control EVERYTHING and EVERYONE. This week that behavior has subsided.
  • The news of the loss of Lavender this week hit me hard. I did not realize she had passed away, and worse her mother is now charged with her murder. Lavender was from the same orphanage as Sophie. Please go to her memorial site . You can read about the arrest of her mother here. Breaks my heart.
  • Lots of young babies this time around. Referral posts never get old. I love them!
  • My last post inspired her. I love being an inspiration to my friends...*snort* ( I bought the cookbook my sister told me to get PM we can snuggle around the fire in October and read it together.....such fun:)
  • I am posting this especially for her.


~K said...

Thanks for humoring me!!! Lol!

Christina said...

I hadn't heard about Lavender before...that breaks my heart. I cannot believe that happened. How terrible.