Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thank God Tomorrow is Friday!!

Whew I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!! Why you ask??

* First week back to school/work.

* That means getting up early.

* Apparently Sophie knew about that and decided to help me out, and has been up at
3:30am all week. She goes back to sleep but she is flippin' and floppin'

* I am trying to create a special education "team" at my new school.

* Some people don't like playing on a team.

* We were hoping to grow our family by one...but it wasn't meant to be.Makes me sad.

* Sophie got sprung by her attachment therapist. Makes me happy. We will keep in touch with him and go see him as needed, but I think she's good.

* I freakin' love Bravo TV...which makes going to be early kind of hard.

* Being on vacation for 8 weeks makes going back to work really really hard.

* Time to start running ( again, again and again) to help relieve stress or I will drive my husband crazy with my b*tchin'


Susan said...

be gentle on the team thing M.
I am one of those team phobes. i might fake like i like it just to placate the team rouser--but it can shake things up to have a new team builder around! :)
just do the team thing in a very subtle a team without making it formal.
maybe? --hell, tgif!--i'm right there with ya!

Colleen said...

Sounds like quite the week...3:30AM!!!! that is too early for me LOL
Great news about the release from the attachment therapist. : )
I love Bravo too!!!!!! In fact I'm watching it right now.

3D said...

Good stuff and some crap. Yeah and hugs as required.

Keep smilin!

Lindsay said...

Sorry it's been a tough week. Hope the weekend is gentle with you.

Sandra said...

TGIF! Good news on Sophie's therapy front. I LOVE Bravo, too :-)

Enjoy your weekend!

simply t said...

Well wasn't that a sunshiney post;)
*Glad she got sprung from her therapist and I was a bit bummed that your family didn't grow by one as well. Such a pathetically sad situation. I hope wherever he went, the parents get him in some therapy, I'm sure the last stop did a number on his little heart.
hmmf, nuff said.

Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

TGIF indeed.. hopefully Sophie will decide to sleep in tomorrow.

Very cool about the attachment therapy and that Soph is doing well now

sorry about the 'not growing the family by one'..

'Run forest run' :wink:

Kris said...

take me running with you- i cannot BELIEVE how long it's been since i've pounded the pavement. it's sad really!

Colleen said...

I'm a Bravo Ho.... I admit it.

Running. Ha. I so want to work out again. Once my foot heals, I swear I am getting this fluffy body back in shape.

Give it a few weeks Mare and you will be back in the swing of things.

Polar Bear said...

The early mornings are a killer after summer vacation. Hopefully the adjustment won't take long!

Yeah! For Miss Sophie and the therapy. That is such good news.

So sorry about the 'grow by one'.

Bravo = Addicting!